Slumbering Society & Outlet Madness - CWI#65

Reads, Something is lurking... and Tesla gets it, marketing I mean.
Slumbering Society & Outlet Madness - CWI#65
By Dries Bultynck • Issue #65 • View online
Reads, Something is lurking… and Tesla gets it, marketing I mean.

Few nerd reads this week
The Point of Collection – Data & Society: Points
Using OpenCV, Raspberry Pi and Google Analytics to measure audience levels via face detection
Do Observers Affect Usability Test Results?
Social media, the voice of slumbering issues
Facebook is for the masses (political shit). Instagram is lifestyle in the broadest sense of the word/topic & Snapchat and YT are particularly for the niches and themes that speak to the youth. Interesting to see a simple issue can turn a crowd into a army have such an impact, triggering BXL second riots in only four days. A highly underestimated of how much people look up to a certain type of lifestyle or a messenger of their generation. Sry to say, but i’m intrigued by these kind of phenomenons from a psychologic and thus behavioral point of view.
This is the power of the people and what’s really slumbering in our society. It can be turned into a wave of good, but often, it escalates in a wave of misery. I think we haven’t seen shit, yet. There is something slumbering, and within a year or two, the bubble will burst. These examples show how today’s mainly economical-orientated system can’t comprehend current society. It’s just a matter of time till the bubble will burst and shit will hit the fan.
From a marketing standpoint: Check out the hashtags to see what context pictures bring. What group is posting pictures. What messages people tell. What lifestyle they share. This is the tag #riots. So much context. So many people feel addressed. 
Mid this year, the Blokker holding went bankrupt and needed to close down Blokker stores, Bart Smit, … This week-end, a nearby Blokker dumped all its stock and offered 80% reduction on everything. So I went by to have a look of what’s left. Not to shop. Just to see what’s left. Can’t help it, retail intrigues me.
All what was left? Yep. Shit! Plastic cheap stuff that no one wants or even needs. A good example of greediness and not staying focused on the core value of the brand and shop offering. Insane.
And on the other end of the retail spectrum
Outlet stores are killing it! Outlet prices + a big line in front of the store. Stores such as MK, Nike, Gucci, UGG, … The physical translation of their marketing being on point. The Nike store was insane! It could have been a tactic as well to keep peeps in line, to mimic demand. It works alright. The line went open, people stormed inside and grasped the last pair of sneakers they could get their hands on. Almost fighting… A centralized outlet store is a VERY interesting concept.
Meanwhile at the home office ...
Getting another artist on board real soon. Looking forward to this banger. UK homebound lad with a consistent track record. Amazing & high quality. Will be a very good DJ-set filler. Launching a new design as well to distract the main label more from the X sublabel. Less art, even more straightforward ol'skool looking so the other more melodic & special releases on the sublabels can stand out in terms of artwork. 
For now… first need to solve a copyright infringement. First time. Hope its the last one as well :) Although there has been sampling going on in the scene since aaaaaaaages, some of them feel violated. I see it, somewhat, as a compliment actually. They care to bother to claim the credits in a post-vinyl world. Means the EP was worth claiming 😎 (read: its good)
Some candy to close the deal
As Tesla seems to be in “Production Hell”, timing is just right to introduce another affordable high-end supercar and an expensive truck with no price card on it, yet (read: its insanely expensive and we need you to pay upfront to start production per truck, one for one). Good for the cash flow? An extent of the 3 step plan? Maybe. Could be. 
Either way… you have to say, it is spectacular to see this total Tesla product line so far rolled out at this speed. Never done before in transport history. My hat of to you Mr. Musk, builder of machine builders, yet… you’re so lonely and unhappy?
Notice the right column. All livestreams were recorded and broadcasted by non-Tesla channels, except on their website. And… they know how to do marketing. Skip the video to 34:10 and you’ll understand 😎. Like Apple, Tesla is up there with the big boys. When product is amazing & marketing is well adjusted … btw… when is that new Bond coming out? They should put a Tesla in it.
d - out.
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