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Simplest Marketing Trick Ever & more - CWI#79

New update & a new content-first fresh design. That should help to keep things tidy and focused.
Simplest Marketing Trick Ever & more - CWI#79
By Dries Bultynck • Issue #79 • View online
New update & a new content-first fresh design. That should help to keep things tidy and focused.

If you only read one thing, let it be THIS!
Not the fluffy part of fashion but the real and current state of it. Zalando and Google using AI to match interests and style preferences. Tommy Hilfiger & IBM partner to decipher trending patterns, colours, silhouttes, etc. (Guess Zara knows where to steal next). Fast fashion vs ultimate small fashion clothing lines. 3D printing personalized items, 3D scanning, automation, blockchain to control the supply chain, …
The Future Of Fashion: From Design To Merchandising, How Tech Is Reshaping The Industry
The SIMPLEST marketing trick ever:
PLS use our product the RIGHT way
As in building websites, nothing is more frustrating than delivering a great design to see that the client fucks it up with his shitty content and/or shitty CMS skills. Well… same thing is popping up more and more when you buy a product. Buy an AEG oven and you’ll get free follow-up cooking classes (or pay for it when you didn’t bought one). Makes sense right? Making the customer journey longer & experience richer
Word of Mouth ya’ll!
It can work for other products as well. Even for products you wouldn’t expect. Clothing for instance, that comes with a certain type of attitude. For a specific target audience. It’s just the way how you sell it. 
Match the products & names with the audience ;)
Match the products & names with the audience ;)
Bodywear. Yep. Bodywear for crying out loud.
So… don’t be so harsh on yourself.
You can do this too. 
Like a boss (pun intended)
Like a boss (pun intended)
Hit a nerve on Linkedin
Lots of students keep studying and get master after master degree; for what? Times have changed. Dear students, stop studying and start doing things on the field. You’ll learn shit that matters more than your degree! And above all: SHOW your value in something practical; not another Google or Hubspot degree. You need to think: not to act like the market says you need to act. On the other hand: job offers should be more about soft skills and ability to learn, not only about your hard skills. It’s a multiple sided problem, but we’re all in it together.
Show your value (passed the radar)
Perfect example to show why companies should pick YOU, as a crane operator, for instance. Impressive stuff.
The man behind MOZ stops
Rand Fishkin might ring a bell, or doesn’t. Years ago, he started MOZ, an SEO consulting firm but after going almost bankrupt, they shifted the company to an SEO tool firm. Great respect for his openness, his CEO swap with Wil Reynolds, his honesty about depression in the startup world (hijacking the Yoga trend right now, anyone?), these are his last words.
Good reads
Google's Walled Garden: Are We Being Pushed Out of Our Own Digital Backyards? - Moz
The race to invent the artificial leaf - MIT Technology Review
Digital R&D and the future of clinical development | Deloitte Insights
Digital Common Sense and Why Speed Is the New Scale
Personas can use an update
Personas, yep. Interviewed customers, maybe? But did you check if they really act on your website like they say they do? Using CRM data and tracking it back to behaviour on your website should be added, at all times.
Why Personas Fail
That’s it for this week.
See you next week.
d - out.
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