Short & Simple - CWI#67

Short & Simple - CWI#67
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Passed the radar
Earlier this week, the data-related tweets kinda exploded over the topic of direct session and direct traffic. It might not have passed your radar, but it has passed mine. 319 likes and 153 retweets, in data. … i mean… nerds are winning the earth here … *insert rick astely dancing gif*
Like any other explanation given by the question mark icon in Google Analytics, very confusing. “As clear as mud” basically. So… might be interesting to talk about this a bit.  
It basically means that a direct session is a session where the utm parameters haven’t been overwritten. This happens in two cases, mainly. When someone visits your website via a link from another website and afterwards visits your website again from another website, the source changes and gets updated by Google Analytics. When someone returns directly to your website after visiting your website via, lets say facebook for instance, the parameters aren’t overwritten and thus Google Analytics tracks another interaction with facebook. So you can’t facebook two times as a source, not just one time. A technical limitation some of us aren’t fully aware of. 
can you tell the difference?
can you tell the difference?
So… when you’re looking into attribution modelling with Google Analytics, it doesn’t really shows you the real story behind the numbers, does it?
My personal advice is to stay away from attribution modelling for almost 80% of the companies you’ll ever work for as the impact is too small (on a budget level) to compensate for the effort you have to make. I’d rather invest in a good analysis between new and returning clients instead.
Clever stuff of the week
Innovating Faster on Personalization Algorithms at Netflix Using Interleaving
Tweet of the week
New audience hunting
It stays an interesting topic. Do companies still look for _really_ new audiences or do they just want more traffic? There’s a big difference between both statements.
Facebook Declines, Google Grows as Battle for News Audiences Continues
That’s it for this week.
See ya next week.
d -out.
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