⏸️Pause ⏸️- CWI#88

I think it's time to pause the newsletter. It feels like a chore these days. I'm not sure if the writ
⏸️Pause ⏸️- CWI#88
By Dries Bultynck • Issue #88 • View online
I think it’s time to pause the newsletter. It feels like a chore these days. I’m not sure if the written word is a part of what I want to do.  The e-mail you’ve been receiving in the past #88 weeks (wow, has it been that long already??), can be a part of how I want to tell a story, but probably not in this format. 
I’m looking into a way how I can translate intelligence and creativity into a format which can translate my interests and message I want to bring with tools like video, images visualizations, etc. 
I need to Create 
this doesn’t feel like Creating

I’ve been reading this book called “Deep Work” (see pic below) during the last few days and it has resonated so hard with my current state of work. Professionally and my private occupation. Everything feels very shallow at the moment. 
I tend to focus as much on Data, Analytics and Visualization as I can, as I feel this is my path to take. I like it. It’s fun. It’s strategic, in a way. It’s a part of the truth of the story you want/need to tell. It’s challenging (!) and for now… it’s an enormous playground which I can explore and probably won’t get bored so easily. I tend to get bored rapidly as I tend to learn at a high pace.
The plan was to do (more) analytical stuff by day and be creative with data-related items at night. In between, time for friends, sports and travel. Some of that happened (1) (2) (visited NY & Stockholm). Most of the time, it didn’t: being the most senior marketer isn’t always a good thing. 
Even this newsletter turned into sharing my view on specific topics, in order to show and prove my strategical insight. Guess what. I shouldn’t. 
Yet, the urge is there to find satisfaction and do deep work, which seems really hard to find as every day seems  so shallow at this moment.
Recommended read
Recommended read
Sorry to say 
but I’m bored as fuck
this newsletter is an extension of that
So for now…

d - out.
ps: this newsletter was partly dictated with voice
to speed up my process.
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