Numbers on Snap & FB - It's war!?

Numbers on Snap & FB - It's war!?
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Interesting numbers on Snap Inc.
People always tend to talk about platforms and how things are shifting etc. but in the end… big respect to building up such a user base, whatever experts say.
Interesting to see that Europe & the rest of the world is underpriced. Is your target group below 18y? Get your ass on Snapchat. In France, it’s a big thing.
And here’s probably why Mark is copying the shit out of Snapchat on Instagram. What Snap isn’t taking right now, Insta & FB are claiming the € as we speak. Intelligence is POWER 💪 
Advertisers’ perception:
Mobile + TV strategy anyone in the next few years?
Maybe not for all ages
Media buying in 2017
Maarten wrote a short & decent three objective article about media buying. I’m with him. I think he’s still to gentle describing the issue. I totally agree. Shit is fucked up. Data is under-used & there’s a fine balance to be found between segmenting within mass-media and the willingness to spend less (at first) before finding the right target/response. Spending more just gives you extra volume of the wrong target group.
Same thing with conversion rate. More people on your site = more ‘waste’, resulting in a lower conversion rate. Segment to notice the difference between target groups & waste. Cut out the waste. Cut out the extra cost. Use that money to take the time to segment. FFS. 
Interesting stuff for marketing
Pinterest anyone? Being under-used at the moment by many. Might change now. Mobile anyone? If you’re still not taking in account mobile in your strategy & analysis (!! - Need help?), that’s fine. But know this: these are the new focus groups to be talking to. Visualizing data, so many of us get it right. Tips 1, 3 and 4 are good. The rest is shit.
The "Arty Farty" topic, remember?
This week-end, the final labels got printed to add to the limited series of vinyl i’ve made. Finally getting there. 
Here’s the final result of one item. Got 20 others that are unique as well. Just the proces of this thing is fun. 
The free moment to “play” is so liberating as work is the totally opposite at the moment. In the meantime, I’m preparing the next project. I’m getting so much triggers from this. Love it. The project? Well, … got something in mind mixing interaction & vectors.
d - out.
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