Nothing Black Friday, All reads - CWI#66

CWI#66 as broad as it can get, and yet... that's a limitation.
Nothing Black Friday, All reads - CWI#66
By Dries Bultynck • Issue #66 • View online
CWI#66 as broad as it can get, and yet… that’s a limitation.

Blokker - part 2
So.. last week I went to a Blokker store to see how the rest of stock is holding up. 80% off and all shit nobody wants is left behind. This week, I went to visited a revamped Blokker store to see the difference.
First thing noticed: more space to keep it light, something than can be noticed in many new retail concept these days. Space, comfort, place to move around and exploration. 
When entering the store, you’ll probably notice the new products, luring in clients. New is triggering curiosity. Once inside, you’ll start exploring the rest of the shop. A technique that is well-know in retail. Attract people with new products or products that are triggering curiosity. Could be anything. But keep it fresh & keep new products coming in to provide the trigger. On the other end, what good retailers do: terminate the productseries that don’t work. The cycle needs to be 360°, all year round.
Looks nice hé
Net neutrality peaked this week on Twitter
Not sure what sparked the amount of tweets about net neutrality, yet… its an interesting question we should dare to ask. Curation is a gate to exploration. Up to you to step through that gate or explore and climb over the wall.
Electronic music gets another chance?
Resident Advisor might not ring a bell, yet, it should. Its one of the biggest platforms out there to promote artists, venues, labels and more in electronic music. Last week, they did a very special announcement on Instagram (eyeballs first there, right?).
They stopped running polls as they seemed to be so influenced and didn’t give a real image of what’s out there. Its the same story with media. It is media! Meaning; the top of the crop gets 90% of all the attention & return, while the industry is much more than that! Same shit, different industry.
a very brave move
a very brave move
Good to know
Alibaba onthult zijn hightech winkel van de toekomst | RetailDetail
Selected practical & actionable stuff
Use A/B Testing & Personalization Together
Conversieratio van je webshop optrekken van 0,5% naar 1%? Zo begin je eraan:
A/B testen met laag aantal bezoekers
Highly Selected Data reads
While you were sleeping
Facebook and Google have ‘won the battle’ against publishers and are now coming for media agencies
Hundreds of websites record your every keystroke without you knowing
Got a bit "Creative" this week-end
Silly plain following its tail
Silly plain following its tail
Baby plain in its cocoon
Baby plain in its cocoon
d - out.
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