No 💵 in Culture, Alibaba ≠ Amazon & something with Chewing-gum

So... vacation starts this week. Meaning... lots of fun & mobile traffic to websites, apps &
No 💵 in Culture, Alibaba ≠ Amazon & something with Chewing-gum
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So… vacation starts this week. Meaning… lots of fun & mobile traffic to websites, apps & messenger apps! Keeping an eye on that, are we?

Diving right into it
Until we ruin the crap out of messenger, this looks promising to do some experimenting with Facebook messenger. Cool stuff, but how will you report? Are you willing to do a test and after that scale-up? Communication is getting more decentralized by the day and although we want to keep track of everything we do, we simply aren’t able to track it all. GDPR ‘the right to be forgotten’ will be an extra feature that will request the need for a centralized data-warehouse. Besides that, it makes it possible to take scalable advertising to the next level and do one-to-few communication. And cool new tools start to pop up to skip making lagging dashboards! (I WANT THIS ASAP).
Aaaaah, crap.
Facebook strategy on point?
If might have slipped your attention. 5 days ago, Facebook reached an EPIC milestone: hitting 2 BILLION MONTHLY ACTIVE USERS
If Facebook isn’t a part of your strategy, get in, now! If Facebook is a part of your strategy, ramp it up. But don’t forget: don’t put all your eggs into one basket! Google is one basket, the other basket is Facebook (insta & whatsapp incl.). 
Translate your a business to a marcom strategy. Adjust digital(-first) communication & formats per platform, customer-segment & customer-profile. Strive to centralize all measurements, if possible. Shortcut centralization in Google Analytics if money is an issue.
If you need to read two things, let it be these
There’s No Money in Internet Culture
Alibaba CMO Says Don’t Compare The Chinese Company To Amazon. It’s Much Bigger.
An E-mail thing or two...
Design: Microsoft design: Inclusive
Solve for one, extend to many, benefit universally
Solve for one, extend to many, benefit universally
Passed my radar this week
Cannes Lions to launch committee in response to festival criticism
Airbnb Readies a Premium Tier to Compete More With Hotels, Sources Say - Bloomberg
Tequila's 'Gold Rush' Is Fueled by Luxury Brands
Amazon Selling Nike Sneakers Shoes Online Rumor
Jack Ma: "The next 30 years is going to be painful"
Who Americans spend their time with
Glowing, Alien Monoliths Are Basically Stonehenge for the Digital Age - Creators
Het gametalent van morgen
Le chewing-gum victime des smartphones
Track of the week
New Orbis records X coming up by D&S.
A Dutch duo from the Amsterdam area aka Dennis & Stephan.
Smooth sailing.
Thank you for your attention.
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