Low-Fi Data, Belgium Future Proof? & Vibrators data - CWI#73

Lots of interesting stuff this week about youtube youngsters, data strategy, vibrator data, tech tren
Low-Fi Data, Belgium Future Proof? & Vibrators data - CWI#73
By Dries Bultynck • Issue #73 • View online
Lots of interesting stuff this week about youtube youngsters, data strategy, vibrator data, tech trends with low-fi data and how Belgium is becoming a more future proof country

If you want to read only one thing, let it be this to get a good idea of how the upcoming generation of videopreneurs thinks/acts/… 
Duizend euro voor een miljoen views: zo verdienen jonge YouTubers hun geld | De Ondernemer
Trends vs reality : AI & design
Tech Trends 2018 | frog
In this overview of tech trends for 2018, two items caught my attention. 
The one where AI will change the design industry and the low-fi data item.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing everything, and the Design industry is no exception. As AI enters our design toolkit, the opportunities are exponential and unknown. Well-established heuristics, design language systems and user interface toolkits will make it possible to train AI to learn the basic principles of designing a great digital product. Some time-consuming design processes will increasingly be automated, others may become obsolete.
With the help of AI, datasets become rich sources for innovation. Design-forward companies like Airbnb and Netflix have long been integrating AI into their products and services to personalize experiences. Photography platform EyeEm is using machines to assess image data by training AI to define qualities like ‘beautiful.’ By deploying AI across all phases of a project, designers can take a much broader and more meaningful perspective on their creations.
Meanwhile, as AI becomes embedded into our products and services, designers are tasked not just with creating machines for humans, but creating machines that are human-like. In the process, we’re dissecting what it means to actually be human ourselves. As more consumers demand their AI not just have a personality, but a charismatic one that they want in their lives, we enter into an unprecedented level of intimacy between human and machine. To succeed in this world will require a human-centered touch.
It’s obviously high level stuff and ready for disruption although the closest thing to AI driven design is currently the grid (this idea got already launched a few years ago). Go through the examples and you’ll see they’re shit. Building blocks that have been build with AI, but they look like shit and look like a 2012 website all-over again. Wondering … what part of this is better due to AI? The building aspect? How about the user. 
Not convinced (yet). I think AI should be integrated on a more profound level of experience where neural networks are used for these days: audio, video and images. Things that can’t be processed in a clever or creative way without a vast amount of human/personal interaction.
I still believe we should elevate messaging as a whole where even the hub (known as the company’s/product website) gets a more intelligent and interactive way of sharing intelligence (info, product and customer data, etc.) and experience (touch, smell, audio, …) and I’m currently seeing nothing of that yet in ordinary design. All these applications are currently tagged as “tech” but it should be combined to lift the experience. 
Example 1:
the colour of your car key shifts from black to orange over to red if your car is warming up

Example 2: 
When a seat or table is taken at a restaurant, add a virtual identifier to it - like a symbol that represents the number of people reserved, the time they will spend there, … etc. 

Example 3:
When I’m a customer buying from your website, give me a loyalty feel instead of points by adapting colours, different salutions, copy, …
Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018 - Smarter With Gartner
Trends vs reality : Low-fi data & Hi-fi experiences
Same thing as here above. Hi-fi experiences with GDPR compliant data: low-fi data it is! See it as de-identified data, not anonymized data! Try to skip the typical big data is big cash feel to this blockquote, but in it essence de-identified data is the way to go. Even in Google Analytics (we don’t need user-id persé, we can get the level below as well: browser-id)
Looking forward, the way we think about capturing data will change. Along with rich, high-fidelity datasets that reveal a lot about users, there will be a need for a new class of data rich in something else: anonymity. Low-fidelity audio data capture will focus on the quality of a conversation, not the subject matter. With location and heat-mapping sensors, we’ll be able to draw conclusions about people’s behavior, but not who’s behaving. Sensors that capture low-fidelity images enable us to know someone’s there, but not who it is.

We all know big data is big business. It’s why our smartphones measure nearly every aspect of our existence, from how far we walk to how long we sleep. It’s why sensors are embedded in our devices and installed in our spaces to track our movement, then connect to the web to enable smart services. The trouble is they measure too much and collect unnecessary, potentially intrusive information. Concerns around privacy and security are inhibiting the development of data-driven experiences. Enter instead a focus on low-fidelity inputs: collecting the data that is needed and only the data that is needed. Sensors certified and branded as “Lo-Fi” will be welcome everywhere and trusted by all.
Another reason to think about de-identification and renaming or coding your segments ;) 
ah we behoorden dus tot de groep “Lauwe Prospectie Helena 3900 - 3999” Ik ben van lauw naar koud gegaan. https://t.co/HmVmDmabBp
it’s so crucial to have the circle round with segment and audience names as well cross all your channels. One language = clear for everyone within the marketing department.
Interesting reads
Metrics Over Mission: The Strategic Fallacy - Firm of the Future
Runaway 53GW Solar Boom in China Pushed Global Clean Energy Investment Ahead in 2017 | Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Sex sells: get it sponsored & featured
Vibrator + data + smartphone = potential content to build a big brand. 
Potential cross-sell partnerships: Durex & evening wear
Strategic partnerships: honeymoon & fun suites in (m|h)otels 
content partnerships: bloggers and maybe some video stuff :)
I’m just thinkering - too many options. Either way, I’m not sure if I’m going to regret this saying, but I’m pretty sure i’ll end up in the spicy industry or something world-improving
Belgium, the country of the future - after Estland
Cool & progressive stuff that Mr. De Croo is pushing. Thank you. Yet, mister DC, i think you should inform people more about this project upfront! People aren’t aware enough. E-Health & MyHealth 1.0 is based on Estlands’ progressive approach towards a better economy. The impact on time won and € saved is incremental. This is a huge step!
Estonia Built the Society of the Future from Scratch - YouTube
Estonia Built the Society of the Future from Scratch - YouTube
Data reads
The biggest headache in machine learning? Cleaning dirty data .... off the spreadsheets
Google Analytics: 5 optimalisatiekansen met advanced metrics - Frankwatching
The 2 Types of Data Strategies Every Company Needs
Branding done right
Check the gif in the tweet by beatsbydré.
Selected ‘Influential’ Distribution + Contextually well-made HERO content = good branding in the right target group.
Serena Williams
This video literally gave me chills, I am so excited to watch Nigeria compete in the winter Olympics bobsledding race the first time an African country has ever competed in bobsledding! ✊🏿@beatsbydre #abovethenoise https://t.co/zLDPLJfcIQ
Practical @ useful Machine learning from Belgium
Clever use of intelligence & turning it into something creative:
a potential DIY killing tool
Very sure this will spark other companies to disrupt the DIY market.
I’m getting this new companion! Hell yes. One of the men behind this project is Wesley. Founder of Pegus Apps, making industrial high advanced web, mobile and IOT applications for the industry. 
Toadi - Your outdoor companion

That’s it for this week.
See you next week.

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