Land a stretch job, Tesco, Tinder data & more

Articles and updates this week. Only a few interesting things passed by. Very high level and news-rel
Land a stretch job, Tesco, Tinder data & more
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Articles and updates this week. Only a few interesting things passed by. 
Very high level and news-related stuff. Need to refocus these updates again as they start lacking value.

HR stuff - If you need to read one thing, its this
If you’re a team lead or HR person, or just an emotionally triggered individual and you’re stuck on how to help others (or yourself), read these two articles below. It’s the biggest issue of todays mindset in business and management. Emo & substance is often not a part of their role, ability or even worse, agenda. The balance of rational & emotional is really important.
How to Land a ‘Stretch’ Job  - WSJ
How to Teach Employees Skills They Don’t Know They Lack
Retail & E-com stuff
How it should be: starting at the bottom, all the way up the ladder. There is a very big difference between managing & understanding the business/substance of the business.
Van vakken vullen tot directeur bij Action - NRC
Ever been to a Carrefour in France? Then this will look familiar: 
Tesco kiest voor meer spektakel | Gondola
Strategic Think Abouts
Nintendo Creators Program puts an end to YouTube livestreaming - SlashGear
Data stuff
Why Segmentation is Vital to Your Marketing Success
Ok. Lots of people think AI triggers a buzzword bingo alert, and it does. Although… the people who really get the principles between machine learning, deep neural networks and AI as an asset are sprinting already to tackle the integration. Shift might be an interesting meet-up for you.
Wordt AI onze laatste uitvinding? | In The PocketWill Artificial Intelligence be our last invention? - In The Pocket
What I've been working on this week
The last newborn has arrived this week. So happy to spread this EP with two very talented men, Dennis & Stephan from Rotterdam. If you want to discover some good housy detroit music, go to the Orbis’ Soundcloud profile. Let me know what you think. Want a digital copy? Just hit reply :)  - on the house
In the meantime, I’ve been working on visual to use for the Orbis Records label showcase. A first test can be found below (or here: YT): let a image blow-up and spin around. As a first step. Next? I want to make this interactive. More on that later, if I get it up and running.
Generative Photo Explosion Try-out | #DB Creative - YouTube
Generative Photo Explosion Try-out | #DB Creative - YouTube
On a more strategical level, it’s hard to define what to focus on if it comes to picking formats. It needs to be a mix. Vinyl gets revenue in, although digital files get streamed more than vinyl gets bought. Margins are low in streaming, “ok” in vinyl. But it gives a good idea about how much music is lost on the supply-side when it comes to streaming vs minutes listened. Think about it. On that note, I believe a physical product is always more valuable than a digital one. Combining with a paid subscription models seems to be a good mix?
A subscription model seems like a good idea. Not sure. You can find the data here.
Revenue in million of dollars - US stats only
Revenue in million of dollars - US stats only
Give away free stuff
Oldest trick in the book. Give away free stuff to get traction and create (new) demand. Activation marketing is well known, right? The opportunity is yours to connect it to the right branding technique. 
Trojka by Jetimport (Red bull) knows how to activate at the right spot to the right people. Its up to you to do the same. Stickers can help as a low cost entry or give away digital copies/products ;)
Noticed the Snap logo in the back?
Noticed the Snap logo in the back?
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