Insta-first world 🌍, FB automation is Rubbish 🗑️ & more ...

Insta-first world 🌍, FB automation is Rubbish 🗑️ & more ...
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Questioning this graph below
People are making time for new media faster than they are cutting time for old media overall. Our eyeballs are at more places. Spending more time on new media, consuming, instead of creating. 
Legacy aren’t losing revenue, that much? Digerati are just on a rocket ride of growth due the extra attention (time shifted from another focus)? Is this new money coming into the market? Where’s it from & where’s the corresponding economic growth?
On the reading list this week
Don't blame Facebook, blame the user
655 Frustrations Doing Data Visualization – Visualizing, The Field – Medium
Woopsy daisy!
Automation is such a hot topic, as well as A.I. I’m actually very pleased to see even the big boys screw up. This ain’t simple. These buzzwords get spread so easily by so many people, and they can/are allowed to, yet so few are working to get to that level. Focus is Strategy.
Practical stuff
How long does it take to deindex low-quality or thin content published by accident? [case study]
When the big links aren’t on the table this is the link building advice you need to read - Builtvisible.
Instagram-first world
Lost track of programming generative art, so picked it up again as Orbis Records is getting more and more traction. Need that for video animations and some artwork i’ll be using soon for another vinyl release. 
Generative art for mobile consumation
Generative art for mobile consumation
Animated text videos for mobile consumation
Animated text videos for mobile consumation
On a more marketing insight/note: been sending out +500 stickers in the last few weeks, for free, to promote the label and response has been great! Posting a regular update & giving away stickers has earned more eyeballs, engagement and even some contacts with new potential artists and a possible showcase in Leeds (UK). Can’t complain!
Ofcoz it helps when fans post a pic and tag you - especially Girl Gearheads & DJ's
Ofcoz it helps when fans post a pic and tag you - especially Girl Gearheads & DJ's
So updating regularly (weekly and even daily) on FB & Insta (insta first actually for the last half year now), is the best thing you can do in the visual & musical business. As feedback came in from fans, I stopped advertising as well as they really hate ads. It doesn’t fit their believes as they resist to join, from an artistic point of view, the capitalistic route all those mainstream artists and labels are taking, polluting their timeline.
Good insight to keep in account.
Pre-Campaigning (via Instagram)
On that note, about making stuff for mobile consumers. Testing out ideas with mockups can lead to more insights of what could work in a real world. I’ve been using this technique for a while know. I don’t know how it’s called, but you can called it pre-campaigning for the current state of the market. Marketing 2017-2018 ;)
Get it? 
Machine learning everywhere
In the previous update, I talked about Elon Musk’s open AI beating the crap out of pro gamers. Well… this popped up this week. Unity 3D is one of the few platforms out there to develop games. Been following it a bit since I’ve got interested in generative art & 3D related data visualization. I’ve always been interested in designing my own animated cartoons and this seems so what the closest I ever got to this ‘world’. Sort of. 
Introducing: Unity Machine Learning Agents – Unity Blog
And... I've recorded a vlog with updates
About my focus for the last few months …
Update September 2017 | #DBRaw 035 - YouTube
Update September 2017 | #DBRaw 035 - YouTube
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