Increase Conversion Rate : Ideas that work

Conversion Rate Optimization is part taking action on data, part creativity. Something what is part o
Increase Conversion Rate : Ideas that work
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Conversion Rate Optimization is part taking action on data, part creativity. Something what is part of, what like to call, “Creative with Intelligence”. Hope these ideas help you to increase a percent or two here and there.

Ok. Let’s divide this thing in a two-way street. How to look at things? Simple. Split every action/idea into company-first or customer-first ideas. That will help. Why? 
Well… customer-first is the best although its more long-term investment; company-first is short-term investment, but will probably have smaller benefits over time.
An example to make the difference clear
  • Company-first: 
    Pushing all high-margin products & categories first
  • Customer-first: 
    Sorting products on best-matched buy on historical buying behaviour
Simple right?
Yet… the first one is easier to do and the last one is harder. It takes more involvement and effort. Although it could benefit the company in the long run. Makes sense, right?
Company-first CRO ideas
  • Exit intent pop-ups with % of discount for new users/new clients
  • Product discount push if organic keyword matches the product category when entering the website
  • Copy the same thing above… for all other channels
  • Free shipping for your first purchase (to get to know our ‘service’)
  • Free shipping if order value exceeds €€
  • Two or more items for the price of one (to get rid of old stock)
  • Random product suggestion by pushing a button (to get people discover products that are to deeply structure within the website, …)
To be clear. The above ideas could work but not for all companies. It depends on your target audience, offering and even copy (don’t underestimate copy) when pushing a company driven way of selling. This is what _YOU_ think will work! Because it benefits you first, before the customer.  
Customer-first CRO ideas
  • Extensive and fully transparent product description
  • What kind of buyer are you tool
  • What kind of product fits your need tool
  • What is the best buy for your budget
  • What is the best buy with a life duration of xx years
  • Loyalty programs that support convenience & certainty above (lame) discount
All tools that help solve uncertainty work! As simple as that. The amount of € you’ll earn, depends on other factors (negative) such like prices, products, availability, shipping, product description, trust, etc. Triggers (positive) as social proof, fair pricing, good return policy etc. help.
Faceted search, filters and more... are shit
We all think faceted search, filters and comparing products help. Well.. they don’t. They just help people narrow down to a specific product, yet… it doesn’t make them buy. Don’t forget that! 
As long as you can’t get rid off the uncertainty to pick a specific product, you’ll never get to a better conversion rate. Ever!
Data Classification
Classifying your products & audiences is the first step to a scalable approach towards a better conversion rate optimization journey (CROJ). If you can’t match the need of the person on the website with the right product and erase that uncertainty, your just not building for the future.  
Platform independency
So much talking about platforms etc. yep. you can build the platform you want (no hub, all spokes!) yet… CRO & Data is your top priority. Intelligence driven decisioning made easy for your customers. First manual & semi-automated (last-hand confirmed by humans), than more automated towards a human supported customer service.
Something totally different
Another part of being creative with intelligence is creating generative lines. Here’s another try. I like to use these things and add some music to it to keep it interesting. Short snippets for now. As current world is a mobile-first world.
While you were sleeping
B&O launched a invisible speaker-system. Invisible tech isn’t always invisible. It’s just well hidden.
Off The Wall Music | Bang & Olufsen
A TV is ugly. Well… solved when you hang it between other paintings, right?
The Frame – fuseproject
Sustainability is getting traction. IKEA, G-Star RAW and more… It’s not a hype. It’s the new focus. I’m very curious how fashion will integrate this where fast fashion is triggering us to buy more. And IKEA is going even further… with a festival.
KUNGSBACKA 2-p door/corner base cabinet set
Other stuff
The Changing Global Religious Landscape | Pew Research Center
GIPHY Says. Turn Your Voice Into GIFs on the App Store
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