Incentive's effect, 2nd life is still HOT & the "Game Boy"

Incentive's effect, 2nd life is still HOT & the "Game Boy"
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The Future of Search is not about search
While Steven talks about the future of search at the highest level possible, only few are working on working on “still being relevant” strategy. Steven’s right and wrong at the same time, in my humble opinion. Yes, search makes more sense when its personalized. No, the future of search isn’t about searching or voice commands. Augmenting the reality is the future, where the line between retro-active vs prescriptive will fade by the use of any form of intelligence. 
To be able to do that, you need to build your infrastructure on a data-level first, before anything else. It’s like e-commerce. You ain’t gonna do as well as you want to do if your logistics are shit. So much companies are still struggling and the next struggle is data! History repeats itself. With a more automated & curated by emotional decisions future coming our way, the data infrastructure is one of the core investments to make.
The future is to the EQ driven people.
You can comprehend this. Are you sure you’re able to do this?
I would love to chat if you’re up for it to explain this in detail, by simply hitting the reply button to meet-up.
Do incentive e-mails work and for whom?
Here’s the reason why data-infrastructure (segmentation) & personalization (communication) matters
Here's a theory ...
For certain businesses, the hub aka the website, has been no longer the hub for quite some time and no-one didn’t really get it. I myself have been skipping the website for my record label early on in 2010-2011 already, seeing people interacting on all other channels (e-mail, dm via fb or soundcloud, …)
Step by step, the hub loses to some extent its value, unless you get it incorporated into a more realistic 2017'ish strategy. Depends on the stuff you do. Consider even the site as the last touchpoint. Think about it. It makes more and more sense.
A small aspect of every site is the career section. Although we all tend to use social media and paid channels to promote jobs on our website or even in-platform. In-platform is winning. FB lead forms anyone?
BY FAR ... the most interesting read this week
The most important science terms and concepts in 2017 — Quartz
Selected reads
First They Got Sick, Then They Moved Into a Virtual Utopia
It’s no coincidence that the console touted to have saved the industry was called a “Game Boy.”
Mark Zuckerberg About Globalism, Protecting Users, And Fixing News
Spotted app of the week
Privacy is high on the agenda in tech-land. Mark Cuban (Shark think tank) talked about an app that could turn around Twitter in terms of how we think about using the app, going for a DM first approach and approving the DMs to become public by hitting a button. I’m not sure if its the altered 2014 version he was talking about.
Dusk - Anonymous live video on the App Store
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