😱 Imagine What We Could Do ... CWI#74

I'm going to be honest. This week was a true rollercoaster of emotions. Yet, some progress has been m
😱 Imagine What We Could Do ... CWI#74
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I’m going to be honest. This week was a true rollercoaster of emotions. Yet, some progress has been made and I finally found a way to build my first machine learning marketing test. Hope to share that soon. 
Meanwhile, the world hasn’t stop spinning and produced some interesting facts and reads. Enjoy this weeks’ Creative With Intelligence update.

Imagine what we could do ...
If there’s one article you need to read this week, let it be this …
I’m very surprised that Google or telecom operators haven’t yet given away free smartphones as they can earn much more on the long term by being creative with data. On that note… just keep this in mind as you read the article below: 
1) Build the machine that builds the machines
2) Increase revenue on specific services/offers by making a loss to attract new clients on the other end
We Chat on Whatsapp, or shouldn't we?
My official title might not be strategist or anything related, yet.. I can spot opportunities by behavior when it happens, wrap it up into something applicable and act upon that. This WeChat thing is still something unknown in the Western world. Yet… anyone with Eastern connections or roots knows or uses the platform.

The most interesting highlights (text first - image second): 
The platform matured already, before Facebook. Facebook is still taking that direction, yet its focus is still communication and not tied into the business world for now, except for the advertising part. Nothing payment or service related, yet. See the pattern of the aging user? There’s a reason why FB needs to mature and there’s a reason why platforms shift. Communicating vessels, as simple as that. Product marketing has the same pattern, hence why new collections or even new websites or even new offline store decoration are triggers to get new clients. 
Nothing to do with behavioral changes due to technology. Just different interests and needs. Technology exposes what we really want, faster and that shifts attention. It’s really that basic.
Not sure why and how this happened, but it seems that the number of contacts really grew between users on the platform in the last 2 years. No sure if there’s more adoption of WeChat or we connect online more easily, … no clue, yet interesting to think about the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon based on the Six Degrees of Separation, meaning… we think we should use linkedin to do professionally networking (FFS) yet… you need to adjust to the platform how to tell the right type of story in the context related to the platform.
Close friends or family. Probably not. Check the slides below. One could hypothesize that we get more connected on a broader base … meaning, the barriers between online and offline merge into always available for private or work-related items. More connected. Not perse more online. Check the full report to read more about why people connect in groups of work. 
The thing about the next slide, that I personally find interesting, is that there isn’t really a huge difference in adoption for mobile payments in one up to four tier cities & below. That debunks age?
What probably will happen: debit cards will shift to mobile too and then cash will be deleted as a whole. 
The two slides below are very interesting and full of potential question marks. So.. WeChat OA stands for WeChat Official Accounts, its like verified accounts. Trust is build on helping people. So, no surprise there, yet… its a clear signal that you need to provide value (check the slide below). I know it sounds fluffy but translated to getting the attention and thus time from my consumer, I want to give as much value as possible so the reward is paid back with loyalty. Company thinking is not how you gain trust ;)
No surprise below, right? It’s just a split of 24h in categories of what we really need/want. Right? Don’t overthink it. Communicating vessels. Banking & delivery takes seconds up to minutes to deliver the service to consumers. Ain’t going to rise over that 14% dramatically any time soon, right? Unless you’re in an personal service only app. So… get your shit together and be realistic.
Guess we don’t have to underestimate the impact of a growing country that’s skipping all the traditional paths we have taken in the West. Booming global economy shifting to China in the past 20 years due to low cost labor, which made manufacturing smartphones and software development very cheap and caused on the wave of the iPhone a path for growth and along with it, the platforms. Hardware pays for software first, now software will pay again for the hardware in the future. It’s a cycle.
Full report can be found below:
2017 WeChat User Report Is Out! - China Channel
Data related reads
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Interesting reads
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That’s it for this week.
See you next week.
d - out.
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Ayla - Ayla (Taucher Remix) (1996) - YouTube
Ayla - Ayla (Taucher Remix) (1996) - YouTube
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