Hit a nerf on Linkedin, about Facebook - CWI#69

Linkedin exploded on a FB related post & I've got interviewed on Charged radio about my label.
Hit a nerf on Linkedin, about Facebook - CWI#69
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Linkedin exploded on a FB related post & I’ve got interviewed on Charged radio about my label.

Are you scratching the surface of Facebook ads?
So… last week, seems like I’ve hit a nerf about Facebook ads and the work/return balance lots of the people commenting & liking, their clients, don’t fully comprehend (which makes it hard to do great work).
When doing FB ads, our clients think of it as Google Adwords. Throw some money at it and the people will come. Well, … they’re right. Sort of. Only the biggest difference is that those audiences have an direct need. Facebook audience have a indirect need. That makes it harder. Facebook is like TV. Mass reach, possibly. Relatively good targeting (better than TV, but somewhat the same mechanics behind the reach idea), possibly (GPR vs Users). Yet… its very hard to defend to invest in a decent set of creatives, at best a custom shot video. 
Why is it, that a one shot TV campaign is allowed to costs €600k (without production costs) where reach and repeated views is a non-issue at the boardroom table. Why is it, that a shift in budget towards actually building content, paying for the work put in to that and distributing it more properly targeted at an extreme low cost (lets face it, prices are ridiculously low) is so hard to defend? 
Well… TV still works, for some. Not all. Fewer. Those who feel the impact of TV as a transactional channel is shrinking are starting to rethink their distribution strategy, although still with a TV first content approach (they build a concept & video first and then think about distribution). They still don’t get that online needs more content resources than above the line stuff. 
They get more content & derivatives. They can do more with it (show them).
 The budget needs to shift from one big content output to a creative concept with dozens, even hundreds of digital related outputs and derivatives matching per platform and tailored to the distribution possibilities.
That’s the client you want! The one who feels that TV isn’t working anymore for their sales. If they’re still stuck at traffic, don’t put any effort into them. You’ll waste your time. 
When you build something and it starts to work, the usage tells you what the trail of breadcrumbs is you should follow.
On the other hand, there’s a downside on the agency side of things. Marketers tend to think in conversion more than storytelling. So… how many times do we work with what we have and make the best of it? When it converts, thank god, we’re happy. When not, we’re not able to come up with decent excuses (not that we have to make any). We should try to raise the bar. Make more compelling content. Content that is fun, interesting, no click-bait, … amplifying that type of content will work better, so people won’t quit. If someone in your audience quits, you’ll pay more in the end.
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And this...
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Last saturday I was asked to come and talk at Urgent.fm about my label on their weekly FB livestream. Was fun. Interview in Dutch
and I’ve been focusing on how to go beyond Google Analytics … and export data faster, graph data faster, graph data more meaningful, … work in progress :) finally I’m learning something new and it’s challenging again!
That’s it for this week.
See you next week.
d - out.
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