Hey Retailers, be Creative with Intelligence! & more ...

Visuals. Snackable & practical stuff & some good reads!
Hey Retailers, be Creative with Intelligence! & more ...
By Dries Bultynck • Issue #43 • View online
Visuals. Snackable & practical stuff & some good reads!

Creative with intelligence
Had a meeting this week with a retailer in the Fashion industry. Talking about data and more. I was very glad to hear these exact words out of the CTO’s mouth: “It’s just being creative with intelligence”. 
Can I get a f*cking Hallelujah pls!
You’re sitting on so much data and yet, you’re so uncreative and practical with this. Only thinking about it in the €€€€ way. Nothing to boost peoples experience. 
Last weeks KEY moments in snippets
Practical goodies
Kath Pay: 5 Ecommerce Customer Segments to Automate and Engage with Email - Only Influencers
Living online: what the internet is used for
Download: 12 Important Google Ranking Factors: Data-Driven Study 2017 by SEMrush
Google's mobile-first index likely not coming until 2018 at earliest
While you were sleeping
Familiar with Affiliate? It’s a good medium to launch new products and it’s partly a way to do SEO link building as well. Besides that, it can be interesting to fill that marketing funnel with extra leads from channels out of your reach. Paid channels that could turn into partnerships and owned channels even over time.
Attributing the sales in affiliate has been a pain in the ass since it existed. And now.. Tradetracker launches its own attribution models to help advertisers and affiliates to get more insights and attribute the right channel to the efforts and returns.
TradeTracker.com launches Real Attribution - TradeTracker.com UKTradeTracker.com launches Real Attribution - TradeTracker.com UK
This is a big step forward for the affiliate industry, which has to evolve and need to defend their value towards advertisers. They face the same challenge as ad-platforms: 
Where does my money go? and does it really help me sell more?” 
Yet again, I’m personally not so fond of attribution as they mostly don’t solve the issue of delivering value to your customer. It’s a way to do cost-cutting and be more efficient cross-channel spend. Nothing more nothing less. I would rather advise to invest in cross-device insights and skip the attribution part, if you’re operating under a certain treshold of traffic that is.
Over invest in getting to know the WHY & the behaviour of your consumer and then spend more money there instead of cost-cutting on the company-driven chain of channels. It’s a huge difference.
Interesting reads
Celebrating One year of Orbis X
Last friday, it has been one year since I’ve launched my second record label, sublabel of Orbis Records (FB first shifting to Instagram first communication btw - keep up people!). Thank you linkedin for the reminder. Forgot all about that. 
Got my shit mixed up when I launched this thing. Wrong artwork. I just copied the existing artwork and added an X to the SKU. So that was not good :) 
No clear difference between the main & sublabel. In terms of music, as well as artwork, as well as positioning this as a subbranch. So figured that out with some generative art. The “story” was already in place. Just the artwork needed an upgrade.
See ya next week
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