Hello, Free, AI, 4th Industrial Robot Revolution - CWI#84

Hello, Free, AI, 4th Industrial Robot Revolution - CWI#84
By Dries Bultynck • Issue #84 • View online
Been to the “hello robot” exhibition in Ghent this week-end. You can still visit the exhibition till the end of this week at the Design Museum. It’s worth it!

If you only want to read one thing, let it be this
The fourth industrial revolution is a very hot topic and is partly what “hello robot” is about. The shift towards solutions for well-being of all the people on the planet with the help of connecting the industrial, economical and thus also political (the hardest part) dots. Lower margins, incremental improvement on a global scale on almost any item: health, food, water, energy, housing, …
The Fourth Industrial Revolution: what it means and how to respond | World Economic Forum
Hello Robot
I thought I knew a bit or two about the current evolution in AI, Robotics and more… boy was I wrong. Definitely worth a visit.
Free isn't really free, is it?
What if you’re product really would be free?! Very curious what’s the net worth of a single user’s data :) and… is it paid model per month? or one time opt-out fee? :)
Sheryl Sandberg: Facebook users would have to pay to opt out targeted ads
Personal opinion: Don't buy Spotify stock
As a label owner, I urge you NOT to buy stock from Spotify. I’ve been noticing a big shift in payments in the last two years from downloading to streaming, yet the earnings have gone down radically. Besides that, there’s no value in it for users in the longterm unless they start creating music with top performers and invest in more interesting and engaging content. It ain’t gonna start a Youtube or Twitch platform aside to give a stage to artists “in the life of…” or a “behind the scenes” - meaning… they can’t invest in amortization like Netflix does + music is far harder business as audio is far more emotional tied to taste than visuals, movies and storylines are! Basics of stock: new users. Ain’t gonna happen anytime soon with Spotify and… their advertising model isn’t that good as well. Yet, some people seem to be excited. I’m not convinced.
Why Spotify Can’t Scale Like Netflix - Bloomberg
Interesting reads
The End of Reality - The Atlantic
Extra: The Fairy tale is over?
If there is one thing that will stand the test of time on the fair, it has to be this! The fair is almost close to death. It really is! Every year, I’m going to the fair, just to check the evolution. Every year, less people visiting the fair. Third year in a row now. 
Not sure if the internet is to blame, I think so, as it changed how we get our shot of satisfaction. The fair isn’t interesting anymore? It’s an old phenomenon? The freakshows are gone, Festivals are the new season for fairs? Guess this trend needs to go downhill a bit more and will rise again in a year of 10 - 15? And how about the circus? Or is it just a shift in demographics? I wonder.
That’s it for this week.See you next week.
d - out.
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