Hacked? Fix it asap [Example inside]

Introducing this week: last week most clicked items, in case you overlooked some of those. Or you did
Hacked? Fix it asap [Example inside]
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Introducing this week: last week most clicked items, in case you overlooked some of those. Or you didn’t open the last e-mail.

Did you know,
The full list of all e-mails is always available 24/7/365?!

Last week most clicked
Fix a hacked site immediately
Last week, I relaunched my old website again, as part of an experiment to say how long it would take to get it back in the index again, properly. Took only a small week. Good to know. Right? It still get indexed very well. Too easy. A simple flat site (URI-based) structure + relevant content is so important! So underestimated!
On the other hand, what I thought was effected by the new side-wide redirects for the relaunch, was actually stats from the bot visits on my second website
Bots visiting the website
Bots visiting the website
It got hacked a few weeks ago. I noticed the alert in the search results. Its interesting to see that when the site got hacked, the bots immediately stopped crawling the website, although the reconsideration request was only send in the week after that. 
The impact? Well… goodbye visits.
Thank god I’m not earning my living with this website
Hacked site -> No bots visiting -> No visits
Hacked site -> No bots visiting -> No visits
E-mail marketing tips & tricks
I stumbled upon this interesting idea to use an e-receipt. Torfs uses it as a way to give you a reduction of 10% on your next purchase. Time to turn that receipt in something more useful. Not to spam (huge issue in the UK). To inform people. Sell later.
Contacting people more than once a month via e-mail is good. More is even better. Although… what’s the amount of e-mails for one to stop opening & buying? That’s the question. Frequency should also be a part of your e-mail segmentation strategy. Lower responding contacts, could be triggered with direct marketing or SMS.
Using animated gifs in your e-mail. Why not? I doesn’t need to be funny.
It can be explanatory or directing customers towards actions
An article from 2015, although still up to date. Image only e-mails are a no go. Did you know lots of people reading e-mails on mobile don’t click the load images link. 
Everyone is saying popups are bad. *ahum* please test & stop assuming!
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Gamasutra: Joost Rietveld's Blog - What's Going on in the Dutch Game Industry?!
"Arty Trying To Be Farty" Picture Of The Week
Like any other week, I make one #generative generated picture, turning an algorithm with data into a chaotic picture.
Track of the week
One of my first vinyl albums I bought when I was fifteen years old.
Been a while ;) Still stands the test of time today
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