First Photobomb ever & more!

To warm-up to the first photobomb ever, check out this one.Better watch your ice cream. Thank god sum
First Photobomb ever & more!
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To warm-up to the first photobomb ever, check out this one.
Better watch your ice cream. Thank god summer is almost over ;)

The Beatles got Photobombed
First photobomb ever!
First photobomb ever!
Yep. That’s right. This is THE ONE. THE VERY FIRST ONE!
Guess the man didn’t get any credits or royalties for that :)
Fan of historical pics? Check out this twitter account.
How are _YOU_ doin', Belgium?
Household debt Belgium
Household debt Belgium
General government debt in Belgium
General government debt in Belgium
How are you really doin’, Belgium? Well… not that good so it seems, but OK into perspective with other countries. While doing some research for a client, I bumped on this interesting data pool from OECD. Although the data is from 2014, it gives a fairly good idea how we’re doin’.
Want to dive into more data? Check out my list of resources on my website. I added this cool map of mobile networks as well. 
Yes, I’m kinda keen on data & analytics. 

Time to bring on the nerd stuff.
OK, a little bit of nerd stuff than
Tracking offline stuff
I love to play around with stuff, especially analytics. So… i hooked up my Fitbit on monday and tracked my average steps per day. Seems like tuesday was skipped for some reason. No idea why. Seemed fun but very useless.
Data from monday till wednesday
Data from monday till wednesday
While you were sleeping
You might have seen this before, but it was new to me: Facebook product pages. A bit like a webshop, but not so much (yet). I hadn’t seen it before.
I guess you all saw the video and pictures of the SpaceX rocket blowing up with the Facebook satellite on board? What you probably didn’t notice, was that Mr. Elon Musk will be offering car insurances, part of the strategy!
And this. Because people getting really jumpy these days, Zorro had to take the hit. It got even more weird this week when Zucks gave the Pope a drone. Well, sort of. Cheap fuck. 
Some painter made a robot to paint, not for him, but with him. 
How cool is that?!
Robopaint galore
Robopaint galore
Sapna, an advertising reporter for the NYT, gave some insights on how much an influencer is paid these days, starring, who else would it be, Mrs. Kardashian aka Social Creative herself.
On the 1th of September, Apple previewed what’s coming to make payments using Siri and more. Paypal, you’ll probably feel this.
And then this got made …
An in-browser visual music maker
An in-browser visual music maker
Ad business is adapting
If you’re somewhat aware of the advertising scenery, these are some remarkable times. While the Belgian Radio Qmusic gets a little Television channel on the sideImgur launched that same day it’s first native ad product focusing on a millenial male audience
Combining two above the line channels (Radio & TV) with each a website a-side, is a very powerful move. A perfect square to close the loop. Apart from Facebook. A very clever move to make. 
But first… they’ll need to fix some issues on the site I guess ;)
I’m very curious how they will monetize this. More views for Q2 TV? To support that TV ad model? Would make sense. It’s still the biggest pot of gold right now. And yet… I think they will build new and more websites in the few next months and do even more digital stuff.
And on that same day, another platform makes adjustments to its ad policy. Snapchat (You on snapchat yet?) is probably the only platform that gets ads, apart from Buzzfeed on the web, in a mobile only environment. Snapchat is advising brands to cut their ad length to five up to seven seconds. From what I’ve personally tested, five seconds works best, although I think Snapchat is getting more scanners than ever, although that is not necessarily a bad thing. The biggest group of users are still young kids and… yes they scan… a lot. They don’t use Snapchat like you do. They aim to streak.
While social platforms are fine-tuning their ad products, the industry is struggling to sell ads and it’s not getting any better soon.
That’s why Q2 is a clever move. 
"Arty Trying To Be Farty" picture of the week
Last week, I added the “Track of the week” section to inspire you with electronic music. This week, I’m launching this section. One cool arty farty self-made coded picture/artwork per week. 
I know. It looks like so stupid. To compensate, have a look at Frank Raes’ Instagram account. The man makes some really nice pictures.
Cranes with great caption
Cranes with great caption
Track of the week
During a birthday party last week-end, my friends and I stumbled upon youtube looking for a bit of music to play in the background while having some drinks. Well… that escalated quickly into a night with digging up old and forgotten club & trance tracks :) 
This made it till the playlist. Love that track! I had it on vinyl, sold it and the week after, bought it again :) Stupid me. I missed that track already.
Have fun with this one: “Chiapet  - Westworld (Termination Remix)” from 1999 on Yoshitoshi Recordings. Discogs link here.
That’s all for this week.
See you next week.
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