Don't worry ...

when your 10y old son uses make-up ...
Don't worry ...
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when your 10y old son uses make-up …

Youngster, the gate-way to the future?
This passed my (deliberately) diverse timeline. A boy, approx. 8 or 10 years old, trying on make-up. Probably inspired by … Youtube! There are thousands of make-up videos out there, like this one. They get views. They’re used. They help people out. And… they’re copied by people. In this case, a boy of, let’s assume, 10'ish. 
Naked 2 Urban Decay
Naked 2 Urban Decay
From a psychological standpoint, this is a very interesting moment in the boy’s live. From a marketing standpoint, as well. It kinda intrigues me, a lot even. 
  • Is the boy recognizing he’s gay at this very young age? or is he just having fun?
  • Is this is a marketing stunt?
  • Do we need to worry when these kids start copying YT movies, at such a young age?
  • Or instead, do we need to encourage this kind of behaviour? Do what you want - show the world, …
  • Will this brand have a big impact on this boys buying behaviour when he gets older? Or will it impact the brand in a negative way?
  • Should we even care? Should we even have this discussion?
  • Is the reversed cap a cover-up to mask his feminine side? What can clothing gives us as contextual information? Is it even contextual information?
  • Are that computer games on his closet, at the right & what’s he playing?
I might be overthinking the whole tweet, but that’s just me.
And then it got shared. A lot. And liked. And replied to.
7,7k retweets (why did they retweet?) & 28,6k likes (why did they like/dislike)?
And even more …
It’s such an interesting tweet. The comments are so interesting. If you 10 minutes, go read some. You’ll see how diverse the contextual and personal hook is per tweet. Yet.. the outcome stays the same: either good or not done. As simple as that. 
Oh… and this: this platform is all about opinions (ego). Nothing else works on Twitter. Except for news or sport live events and humor. Don’t forget.
FYI: Elections are won on opinions & the “unity” principle.
Think about that.
Bored (Elon Musk)
If you still not following this Twitter account, you’re missing out. Elon started recently the “The Boring Company”. Man has a point. We’re very boring. We don’t think big enough. We don’t think in factors. Dependencies. Exceeding limitations. I guess the boring is for drilling wholes although it has a nice extra contextual touch to it, hasn’t it? Boring, right? 
If you care to read: full recap here.
If you rather like to watch TED, check below. 
Something totally different now
This is why articles about the future work well on Twitter. This is why Facebook and Instagram has such a daily and entertaining content stream. It’s about who’s on the platform and who’s more into enjoying the present or who’s more focusing on future outcomes. 
Volume = generalization = less in-depth aka more entertaining content
it’s a part of a mindfulness journey (the way you spend your time)
Is mindfulness the best antidote: a neuroscientist says no
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