Digital will eat Cannes, Micro-moments & ...

The entry of digital agencies at Cannes' Lions & interesting spotted things, this week. 
Digital will eat Cannes, Micro-moments & ...
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The entry of digital agencies at Cannes’ Lions & interesting spotted things, this week. 

Digital will eat Cannes
Want to skip to all the winners, here you can. Cannes, known within the creative world (the advertising industry), unknown to mortals. That could change in the coming years as more digital centered agencies start making their way into Cannes. Creativity + Effectiveness is high on the agenda. 
Interesting to see that the section “digital craft” is covered with new technology campaigns. And even IOT, by linking your data tracked by the sole of a shoe during the marathon of Shanghai.
Adidas tracked where runners stopped at a red light in their city and calculated the routes that could keep you running. 
Dear classic advertising agencies, we’re coming to get you. These are things that are in our DNA. Technology just opened the door to competition. Go through the list and you’ll see names like Google, IBM, Apple etc. all using some kind of digital technology, AI or data-driven innovation. Adding a creative layer on top and you’re possibly on the shortlist. 
What’s holding digital back? Budget
Be prepared when it shifts! 
Be scared when it even sells!
And it will!
And if it doesn’t sell, there’s always (mobile-firstentertainment
Asia is the new Europe
This 20-Second Video Summarizes 35 Years of the World's Economy
Negative is an indicator of Positive
Why Numbers Moving in a Negative Direction is Not Always Negative
Why I'm personally all-in on Analytics (& creative)
I think it makes sense to say, the first digital touchpoint is a mobile one! And we need to figure out the stage of the customer journey one person is in. We have to! To provide the next best message.
GDPR looks promising ...
Screw GDPR ?
GDPR = HAHAHA, meanwhile ...
See ya next week.
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