CWI#87 - Trespassing on water, India: Biometric IDs & more

CWI#87 - Trespassing on water, India: Biometric IDs & more
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Still looking for a way to give these updates more value and I seem to can’t wrap my head around it. To much to read. To much to share. Curation vs creation.

Marketing: Dumb move, Nike, again.
The Jordan series is one of the biggest sneakers series in history, yet… Nike affiliates Drake’s signature on the series 4. Why? Influencer / branding gone wrong. There’s a very big clear line between affiliate with a celebrity vs partner (product design) with a celebrity. Nike got it wrong. Don’t mix a product line based on an Icon with product alternations by artists. Good for Drake though. His way in, into bigger stuff.
Air Jordan 4 "Raptors" Official Images
And with that in mind, Mr. Neistat is right. Work with a brand from the start (scroll to the CASEY NEISTAT PRIVATE RE-THINK SESSION in the blogpost from Herman). Doesn’t have to be video, but yes, leverage by a brand works. Immensly! 
Privacy vs Opportunity: Digital IDs in India
While we’re discussing privacy (often confused with security), India is going biometric on its inhabitants. E-health is coming as well, in our country. Is privacy an issue for the internet companies leaving the government in the shades to play with our data? Interesting topic to think / talk about.
The pitfalls of India's biometric ID scheme
Climate change & laws: adapt?
Fight Grows Over Who Owns Real Estate Drowned by Climate Change - Bloomberg
Data & food: insights to improve our lives
Personal: new record out - 11th of may 2018
A milestone for the label i’m trying to build. Number 015 hits the shops on the 11th of may with Doug Cooney (IRL). Perfect timing, I think. Before festival season (will we make the TML playlist again this year?). Early in the month (people buy vinyl on a budget). And a brand new design to distinguish the main label from the sublabels, which have a different focus & targeting.
ASGOR015 - DOUG COONEY - IN PLANE SIGHT EP by orbisrecords | Orbis Records | Free Listening on SoundCloud
That’s it for this week.
Thank you for reading till the end.
See you next week.
d -out.
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