CWI#82 - AI for personal use

AI could solve GDPR, but not how we think & act today
CWI#82 - AI for personal use
By Dries Bultynck • Issue #82 • View online
AI could solve GDPR, but not how we think & act today

GDPR makes it obliged to use data from a customer or prospect in a careful way. Why? Because that data is mostly used for push messaging for marketing purposes. Why are chatbots so hot? They are essentially another pull channel (like Adwords is expressing demand). They’re in an alpha phase right now but they could become a vertical agent for lots of services when build for purpose. Yes, they need natural language processing (NLP) intelligence but … in they’re the gateway to a new kind of internet. 
Personal AI agents talking to AI services or so called bots to get the job done. No more manual interventions, no more privacy issues due to full AI and probably voice-controlled commands to set-up and steer your personal horizontal AI agent that will talk to other more vertical oriented AI agents.
Ex.: “order milk” gives the personal AI agents the command to find the preferred outcome no matter what preferences if it comes to brand, retailer or other parameters unless they’re explicitly pronounced.
Personal AI agents will probably be an extension of your most used (mobile) platform provider, meaning it will be a personalized agent hosted in a closed-walled-ecosystem like Apple, Google, Amazon, and even IBM (hello NLP) (?) … probably no Facebook as they only offer connections & media instead of real practical value which a device-driven ecosystem can bypass. Security and privacy is thus a big focus for these big companies. As well as, lower the walled garden to find a good balance between monetary comfort in the long run and the illusion of total freedom for the consumer.
On the other hand, personalized AI agents will only give the information allowed, requested or needed, only with your explicit permission. Nothing more, nothing less. This is the new plumbing of the world. The internet became electricity. Now AI will become the internet.
This how the world of Analytics is evolving, I think. Meaning we’ll need to focus on deeper descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analysis of consumer behavior, mainly based on several formats of commands (voice, gestures, keywords, …) and build towards a real-time environments (UI of devices, sites, products, …) + change detection of patterns.
That’s it for this week.
d - out.
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