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No inspiration to write an intro but just tackled the intro, didn’t I? 

Change the habit loop
If you haven’t heard of the habit loop, read this first. After that discover the pattern for any social app or behaviour in today’s society, by reading the post below. In the end, everybody wants to feel “valued”. Is Struggling To Deal With Self-Harm Content
Pitches are bitches
Great short article on the impact of pitches. It’s true although I don’t agree on the part where we need to change the behavior of clients. That won’t happen. People expose themselves more these days thanks to technology, we don’t need to change them, companies need to adapt. So Tom, I don’t agree.
Distribution - the gateway to 💰💰💰
Inside the Black Market for Spotify Playlists
Tuesdays are the ex-blue mondays
Nicer Tuesdays: Jon Burgerman - YouTube
Nicer Tuesdays: Jon Burgerman - YouTube
City in perspective ... in progress :)
Pandora Crunched Data From 10,000 Songs to Create Personalized Audio Clips – Adweek
Social problem solving startups
I always felt the urge to be part of something bigger, and I still have. Still haven’t found it. These are great examples of what I mean by that:
Virtual Banking Beyond Borders | Leaf Virtual Financial Services
Almost happy?
This is exactly how much money you need to be happy | World Economic Forum
That’s it for this week.
d - out.
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