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If you're still struggling with marketing, read the Groupon article and get started, as simple as tha
By Dries Bultynck • Issue #75 • View online
If you’re still struggling with marketing, read the Groupon article and get started, as simple as that. The current landscape is shifting from campaign driven marketing to audience focused marketing based on first-party cookies.
Also, if you’re into really beautiful data visualizations, check the post from Giorgia Lupi in the data related reads. Big fan of her.
This week’s update is a bit different.
Intelligence has a wide angle to it, I think.

Jobs vs Wage and... IQ/EQ vs Violence?
Interesting article here above on automating production vs getting paid (enough) to have a decent way of living. 
Personally, I think it will go both ways: educated people will find a way to be useful and manage processes and people, even more than we already do now. EQ-driven people on the other hand will find a way to be creative and work with people of either high IQ (as their manager) but probably will work with lower than average IQ people, to what is considered these days as a normal IQ level. 
There will be a rise in unemployment in the lower part of our middle class, which will shift people into a state of being bored. Those Lower middle class citizens will shift to the upper part of the lower class citizens, but the problem will be in the growing lower class group. There will be an extra amount of assaults reported by the growing lower class citizens, but maybe not in Belgium?
Next decade will be about value-driven education+ GLOBAL basic income + a reason to belong: helping others in any way you can. If not… we could see an increase in domestic violence, assaults, suicides and we’ll probably see an increase in religious-driven violence.
How to do marketing in 2018
What Tiffany Haddish’s Super Bowl ad means to Groupon and local business
While you were sleeping
Virtual Reality Finally Sold Big at Sundance: What Happens Now?
Forget Online Shopping. Walmart Wants To Build A Store Right In Your Home.
Data related reads
Bruises — The Data We Don’t See – giorgia lupi
Wat vertellen 47.263 games ons over de game-industrie? - Laadscherm
Midi controlled generative art test 001
Been playing again with generative art. This time with a midi controller to draw lines with a touch of a button :)
That’s it for this week.
d - out.
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