CWI#62 - 🍔 Burger Emojis, Perfect Selfies 🤳, Reads, Data & more

VERY interesting week this week. Bumped into a lot of interesting reads and cool stuff. A good mix of
CWI#62 - 🍔 Burger Emojis, Perfect Selfies 🤳, Reads, Data & more
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VERY interesting week this week. Bumped into a lot of interesting reads and cool stuff. A good mix of news, trends, marketing and ofcoz, data.

Who's your daddy? China's your daddy!
If you only want to read one thing today, read this:
For now, technically, participating in China’s Citizen Scores is voluntary. But by 2020 it will be mandatory. The behaviour of every single citizen and legal person (which includes every company or other entity) in China will be rated and ranked, whether they like it or not.
So why have millions of people already signed up to what amounts to a trial run for a publicly endorsed government surveillance system? There may be darker, unstated reasons - fear of reprisals, for instance, for those who don’t put their hand up - but there is also a lure, in the form of rewards and “special privileges” for those citizens who prove themselves to be “trustworthy” on Sesame Credit
Read the full article here <—– *wacko emoji*
Burger Emojis ... gone wrong
Just a day or two ago… Mr. Google himself noticed Mr. Baekdal’s tweet about the burger emoji. Apple & Google got it all wrong. Guess who had it right? Microsoft. Yep. Microsoft :)
Macro moments are overserved
One way to look at markets, marketing, services, products etc. is to look at it from a service standpoint. Simple: underserved, served and over served. As simple as that. Macro moment for instance are over served. Mothers day, Father day, 4th of july and ofcoz, this weeks finest, … Halloween.
Only a few years ago picked up by Belgian retailers and making no sense at all, just another top topical to find a moment to sell or fill the content calendar. 
What to do about this? Well… there are two options.
  1. Focus on micro moments based on the customer journey(s)
  2. Come up with your own macro moment
Both are interesting to invest in on the long term. Micro moments are very interesting due to the amount of control you have over the communication during those micro moments in the customer journey(s)
On the other end of the spectrum is creating your own top topical a very strategic move to claim your position in the market and ‘measure’ your activation power, probably on flash deals (and thus targeting one-time-buyers at worst)
Amazon Prime Day is brilliant, but personally, I’m even more intrigued by Alibaba’s Singles Day which is build upon a Chinese lifestyle (and also challenge, in a way).
Whatever you do, use and acquire data during those two moments. It will help you to now your customer types better: one-time-buyers, emotional buyers, rational buyers, etc. 
The Perfect Selfie?
Instagram is well-known for its not-real life-like pictures and fake scenery. Call it ego. Call it dreaming of the life you actually want to have, … whatever. Want to counterbalance those Insta feeds? Just do like Michelle Liu & use the hash #chinning. Not sure if Michelle was the first one with the concept. For those who know:
but hey… she used the right platform and got herself +62k followers with only +70 posts! 💵 💵 Bring on the sponsorships! 💵 💵 
In the maker community, Google AIY got launched. It’s a small box where makers can hook up with the Voice commands API’s from Google. Just plug-in your raspberry pi and start building. Only few months now. Demand has been high. No Arduino option available, for now?
Voice Activated Artificial Intelligence for Makers: #CoffeeWithAGoogler - YouTube
Voice Activated Artificial Intelligence for Makers: #CoffeeWithAGoogler - YouTube
If you have 13:06 minutes ... watch this - or not.
When being part of a digital agency, you tend to know a bit or two about tech, marketing and what’s really going on in the dark corners of the web… compared to the general public that is. I’m still baffled by how few people in my closest environment know about these things. They still think about it in a Sci-fi way, 50 years from now, … but some of those things are already here. And yet, some are still far off. This compilation video looks like a conspiracy / propaganda movie, yet… it’s real. Micro-high-speed technologic incremental improvements, macro-slow adaptation by mankind. You might want to hire and watch Automata and Transcendence. It sketches a good blueprint of scenario’s to come. Nothing end-of-the-earth stuff. Different kind of society and integration of technology on a advanced level.
Most People Don't Even Realize What's Coming - YouTube
Most People Don't Even Realize What's Coming - YouTube
Behind the scenes: Digging for 💰💰💰💰💰
Goudzoekers in YouTubeland - VPRO Tegenlicht
Analytics 4.0 - like I predicted
The next step into analytics and controlling data. Not the companies, not the vendors, but the people themselves, allowing them to own, control and even sell their data to vendors, brands and companies. I predicted this in feb 2015. Well… It’s called VRM. Vendor Relationship Management.
Data related reads passed the radar
Lady Gaga, the joy of data and why it pays not to be seduced too easily | Campaign US
The 7 Kinds of Data Visualization People – Visualizing, The Field – Medium
The Predictive Analytics Process: Preparing Data - Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog
Waarom heeft niemand het over datastrategie?
Wat is de betekenis van data zonder creativiteit? | Marketingfacts
Download: AI basics
Good basic insights between several terms used in the practical world of AI. Somewhere in the middle, there’s a slide showing what machine learning methods are used in products we use every day: Amazon, Netflix, …
Artificial Intelligence, The New Revolution - as presented on Measurecamp Brussel Oct 2017
Recommend read: How Spotify Picks Your Music
A very clear and comprehensive article with detailed explanation how the models work and how they are applied to your taste, behaviour and the music offers in general. 
Spotify’s Discover Weekly: How machine learning finds your new music
Download: 22 page whitepaper on Customer Analytics
We studied 88 companies that have a formal customer program (e.g., customer experience. (46%), customer success (30%), other (24%)) to determine the extent to which they incorporate analytics practices into their program. Most respondents were from the US (86%) and worked in a B2B (50%) or B2C/B2B (42%) company. About half (48%) of respondents were from companies with 5000 or more employees; 40% of respondents were from companies with 50,000 or more employees. Most respondents worked in the IT (29%), Healthcare and Medical (12%), Financial Services (8%) and Aerospace and Defense (8%) industries.
Data were collected from January to March 2017. Potential respondents were invited to complete a survey on customer analytics best practices via the researcher’s blog and social media profiles. 
Download the whitepaper here <- * good view on the current challenges *
The usual table with the stuff you already know, right?
The usual table with the stuff you already know, right?
Can you spot the pattern(s)?
Winkelketens die de afgelopen jaren failliet gingen
Marketing related reads passed the radar
How To Build A Brand In An Hour, From The Agency Behind Casper And Bir
Interesting long reads
The Agony and Ecstasy of On-Demand Eating
Why Does Digital Advertising Suck?
In Six Seconds, Giphy Could Make Billions
brandchannel: Apple Chicago: Don't Call It a Store, It's a Town Square

that’s it for this week.
see ya next week
d - out.

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