CWI#060 - FB Dynamic Creative & Alarmduck

Just got back in from Spain yesterday. 29° and more. Good times. Swimming, Cruising in and around Val
CWI#060 - FB Dynamic Creative & Alarmduck
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Just got back in from Spain yesterday. 29° and more. Good times. Swimming, Cruising in and around Valencia… ace! Yet, now back in Belgium, kickin’ it ol'skool. Plain old good old mondays eh.

Optimize the crap out of Facebook ads - soon
Something very interesting popped-up yesterday about FB ads called Dynamic Creative Ads. So multivariate testing, FOR ADS,  with a max of 30 assets. Hooray. Finally some tools that get shit going forward in terms of conversion rate optimization for Facebook ads
One thing to keep in mind. You won’t be able to see what’s the ideal combination as you only can differ analysis on the breakdowns: Image, Video, Headline, Text, Description, Call to Action, Website
Hey Google… pls do the same!
The impact of Social and thus ... feeding the Media
Facebook events gone right?
Russ Hanser on Twitter: "So someone created an event on FB inviting folks to come sing Toto's Africa in front of the White House.  We went. Here is the result."
And on that other end, UK youth seems to ditch social apps more and more… 
Revolutie in de maak? Tieners beginnen zich af te keren van sociale media | nieuws | De Morgen
Frankly… this headline is plain shit. On every other side, there’s another end fighting or countering the current landscape. Those teens aren’t a revolution. They’re just realizing that this is history repeating itself over and over again. When one is getting bored and less triggered by new things, demand reduces and thus people tend to shift their focus and thus time towards other things. Hence the term ‘it all comes back’ matches up with the circle demand goes through, which is roughly a 20y circle (I think).
Tool to test
Currently testing this… looks very promising. Give it a spin. Why is it so interesting? Well… Anomalies are a part of getting creative with that anomaly to avoid the worst or exploit the best ;-)
Valencia atmosphere
Here’s this weeks’ happy ending :) Highly recommended to visit Valencia and surroundings (beach of Calpe, Fonts de l'Algar, Tapas & paella in Denìa, …)
Cité des Arts et Sciences in Valencia
Cité des Arts et Sciences in Valencia
31° in Calpe
31° in Calpe
Taking a dive in les Fonts de l'Algar
Taking a dive in les Fonts de l'Algar
Keep an eye out on next weeks’ update.
I’m taking a 2 day AI marketing class this week in Amsterdam and we’ll be joining 149(!) other Analytics enthousiasts at Measurecamp Bxl on Saturday. 
That should be interesting!
If you’ll be there too, let me know.
Let’s meet!
d - out.
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