CWI#059 - Slightly Different Format

59 issues into this series, i'm giving this thing a name: the Creative With Intelligence updates/seri
CWI#059 - Slightly Different Format
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59 issues into this series, i’m giving this thing a name: the Creative With Intelligence updates/series/newsletter/whatever to call these. Its a way of expressing how to deal with information and distract value from it in any way or any format. The base of (my side-project)

Might be interesting to start this weeks’ update with something else. A insights in what I’m doing at work. To give you some sense of whats’ cooking and how my week looks like on a weekly basis.
What I did this week
  • Help and structure the social content approach for Belgian bank to in a transition-period towards a rebranding planned in 2018
  • Help to plan the process to launch of a 3 year campaign for Toerisme Vlaanderen called “The Flemish Masters”
  • Looking into tracking for chatbots
  • Tracking customer vs visitor-based sessions for an e-commerce client doing to finally do a more segmented approach
  • Social listening reporting for one of the biggest food retailers in the country.
  • Supporting (A/B testing landing pages) & analyzing a radio + direct messaging campaign for a health fund organization.
Activation marketing - Million ways to do it
Giving away samples is easy. Next level activation? Open a pop-up in Antwerp and bring something new. Remember the give-away box? it’s the same thing, just on a larger scale, if your budget allows that :)
Creative With Intelligence: The Personalized Surprisebox | #DBRaw 018 - YouTube
Creative With Intelligence: The Personalized Surprisebox | #DBRaw 018 - YouTube
Passed the radar
The Snapchat generation already has a baby app
Next to interesting insights about the different industries, a killer landing page (how it should be) that’s a great extension of a bigger awareness campaign. This is awareness, branding, creativity and value (the insights) all-in-one. My hat off to you Adobe.
Adobe Digital Marketing Study
Interesting reads
Data Does Not Have Intrinsic Value – Towards Data Science – Medium
From Segments to Spots: A TV Data Primer
Updates - Orbis Records marketing
Last friday, the launch of OrbisX latest vinyl made it straight to Hard Wax, again! Very pleased that one of the most legendary Vinyl stores (based in Berlin) focusing on electronic music picked us up, again. 
Support OrbisX! Or buy a copy at our own shop.
If you’re keen on following this progress, be sure to tune-in on the 16th of november on I’ll be interviewed about Orbis Records and will be playing a DJ-set at the Charged Radioshow. Tune-in at 00h. It’s a saturday night. All of this was not possible if I didn’t post on FB & Insta. Cédric noticed me. That’s it really!
Instagram is growing like crazy-ish. Not the big following like others have but the Orbis account grew from just around 700 followers up till 825 (this sunday) in a few months by just posting almost every day one update + commenting and liking our fans posts. It pays off. Facebook only grew with aprox. 10 up to 20 followers. It really is an Instagram-first world these days if it comes to getting attention & interaction, for the record label, that is. Don’t be mistaken. Test your channels!
Where the ART fits in ...
Meanwhile… i’m still experimenting with #generative art & looking for a way to make it interactive with a big audience. Another test below. Still looking for the interactive part. Got some ideas, but I need a nifty API developer to help me out to sort out the details. I’m planning on using this to provide a full visual experience when the first label showcase will happen. Preparing already.
Besides that, I’m dreaming about an interactive exhibition as well.
Being creative with Intelligence
Being creative with Intelligence
that’s it for this week
d - out

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