China, what are you doing?!?!

Interesting week this week. Twitter pulls the plug out of Vine, In The Pocket releases its "State of
China, what are you doing?!?!
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Interesting week this week.
Twitter pulls the plug out of Vine, In The Pocket releases its “State of Mobile” report once again and much more, … but one thing stood out: China wants to encourage people to behave good and return the ‘favor’. It’s scary!

Want to read only one thing? Than let it be this!
From commercial to short film - re-introduced
From commercial to short film - re-introduced
China wants to give all of its citizens a score – and their rating could affect every area of their lives | The Independent
BMW raises the bar ... with more than a few inches!
From commercial to short film - re
From commercial to short film - re
BMW has a very strong presence in the European market, as well for cars, as well for search behavior. They’re all over the place. Big banner ads, TV commercials, … and now… they started their series of Short films, … again … and its amazing! Nothing like the Mercedes CLA commercial Casey made, but a short film of more than 13 min. 
The short film has a big resemblance with a Bond movie. And by the way… that Mexican parade they did in Spectre, well… they’re going to launch that in Mexico thanks to that movie. Cool right?
Two reports you should download, if interested
Crossed my radar this week
Briefly on the Twitter updates, i guess you’ve all seen it passing by yesterday and the day before:
Although Twitter reported to cut staff by 9% and discontinue the Vine app, someone else is grabbing this opportunity to grow. While the investors and the market expects Twitter to grow, it could just accept that it will stay the social platform with 300 mio mau & just makes a few billion dollars. Why not?
Buying social media accounts have been around for a while now, as well as buying followers and likes, but it’s the first time I saw this passing by: buy aged reddit accounts. I’m as deep into Reddit as I want to, but it sounds like a fun thing to try :)
A good resemblance in which buying/selling domains was a thing about 5 to 10 years ago in SEO ;) (not sure it’s still think, but i guess it still works).
Not familiar with the concept? I helped me out a few times in the past to see which older content was available at certain domains. For buying, scraping & reusing deleted content (simple SEO trick in 2007'ish), checking out what ‘value’ the site could have had, … many things. 
Interesting short reads/watches
At least someone had a lot of fun making this
Kinda cool
Although Teletekst will be discontinued, someone managed to film the clock when the hour changed back to winterhours.
Social Media with Joy Anna Thielemans
In case you missed it, i’ve had the chance to go to a lesson about Social Media by Joy Anna Thielemans, which was very interesting. Nothing about tactics or anything specific. She talked about her media presence and how she handles requests from compagnies. Interesting stuff.
I managed to capture some footage of her talking about trolls and reacting to them by sending them funny gifs.
Joy about dealing with trolls
Joy about dealing with trolls
"Arty Trying To Be Farty" Picture Of The Week
Two dimensional chaos
Two dimensional chaos
Track of the week
Time for a classic in the Techno scene.
 State of Mobile 2016 - In The Pocket
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