🍾🍾🍾 Celebrating #50 🍾🍾🍾

Holy moly ... it has been almost 1 year already. 50 issues, this week! Popping some champaign bottles
🍾🍾🍾 Celebrating #50 🍾🍾🍾
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Holy moly … it has been almost 1 year already. 50 issues, this week! Popping some champaign bottles, yeah. Trying to keep it short this week. As summer is half way & the sun is out, below you can find some good reads. Sit back, relax & snort some brainfood.

To Change Your Strategy, First Change How You Think
Should Psychographic Profiling Be Banned? | Articles | Chief Data Officer | Innovation Enterprise
I've held 1000 interviews, and there are only 4 questions that matter - Business Insider
It's you, not Linkedin
Strategies for Keeping the LinkedIn Feed Relevant | LinkedIn Engineering

How do you put a price on digital content? – Caliber – Medium
I really like this slide below: All that fucking nonsense discussions about metrics. 
IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT from a consumers’ perspective
See = traffic & views
Think = shows they love or doubt it
DO = obvious shit (the shit companies want them to do)
Care = Tell others & come back (do not be mistaken, this isn’t loyalty)  
Allow me to simply translate that in Analytics for you:
See = Channels (+attribution) & Devices (+attribution)
Think = User behaviour
Do = Close the deal (leads, transactions) and thus earn €
Care = Recurring revenue & up-lift without extra effort from your side
Digital Marketing: The analytical edge – Towards Data Science – Medium
Don't be scared
Switching Careers Doesn’t Have to Be Hard: Charting Jobs That Are Similar to Yours - NYTimes.com
See you next week!
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