Breadth Of Understanding vs Depth Of Knowledge

Something interesting passed my timeline yesterday and so it happened... the theme of this weeks' upd
Breadth Of Understanding vs Depth Of Knowledge
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Something interesting passed my timeline yesterday and so it happened… the theme of this weeks’ update: the breadth of understanding vs the depth of knowledge.

The T-shaped marketer is a well-known item in the marketing world. It is how knowledge is captured by us all. The mix between depth & width. And actually, I think, after decades, you can have both, as long as you keep learning. The art is in the recognition of patterns in both direction and cross-directions.
So… this week, links. All links that were spotted on the radar, this week ;)
Either depth related or width related. 
Up to you to decide if this is tagged as “depth” or “width” in your context.
But first this ...
Are you familiar with VK? VK is the Facebook opponent in Russia with 3 mio daily active users, 70 mio MAUs and 160 mio subscribed users. It’s mobile only and has a bigger engagement per day than Facebook. 
I’ve been a member for a while know, but hard to find any Belgian friends in that Russian eco-system. Weird shit if you don’t understand the language ;)
Bottom line: there’s more out there than FB and they think differently 
Tip: If you’re a beer merchant, this is your go to country for rapid growth. Beer is hot in Russia & helps declining young people dying from drinking to much wodka. Wodka + Cold weather = Killer issue for Russia and has major consequences in terms of male population.
VK & Wikipedia founders about future knowledge
VK & Wikipedia founders about future knowledge
Breadth of understanding
Google Has a 360° View Of Your (Digital) Life – Digital Analytics
Google Has a 360° View Of Your (Digital) Life
Data Has Changed Media Forever
Farfetch’s ‘Store of the Future’ takes its customer data to physical retail
Light Field Lab Is Developing TV Sets That Let You Touch Holograms
Facebook builds brain-computer interface for typing-from-thoughts and skin-hearing! Crazy! - YouTube
Depth of knowledge
The Little-Known Preview Text Hack You May Want to Use in Every Email
Warming up an IP address: Data and timing
do_matic: Innovation Measure: Time Since Last Contact (TLC)
Data collection is happening right under your nose
Surfed to my timeline again yesterday (you can too) and checked how accurate Google has become capturing mobile location data. Amazingly accurate. And in the meantime… lots of companies still don’t understand they need to invest in data collection. The things you can learn from this, as a company, … how people behave is the key to everything (at least, to me).
You can download your data too, if you want. Even delete it, if you want. I have no idea yet what to do with this data, but I will try to do some experiments of visualization of this on 
And this cool data design ...
New History of Science Fiction Poster printing by Andrew Morris —Kickstarter
* Link above from the SCIFI Newsletter you don’t want to miss -
by Alain Beerens

you should subscribe. Good stuff from Alain! I’m not an SCIFI freak but I’m amazed by the amount of SCIFI stuff every week happens :o - it’s insane.
See you next week
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