Blockchain Fashion, McDo Creates Demand & Marketing "Fear"

Blockchain Fashion, McDo Creates Demand & Marketing "Fear"
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“Can charts be shown in text without using code?”
Now its possible! with just a font type. Download it for free.
Although Elon Musk warns everyone for A.I., he founded an open-source start-up and with his team (mainly Tesla related) managed to beat the worldchamp in a 1 on 1 Dota2 game with his bot, which self-learned the game from scratch. To give a bit of context about Dota2 and its complexity: the game has around 100 characters of which each and everyone of them has its own powers and moves. thus, to say at least, very complex. It takes 1 year to learn all the characters and 8 years of game play to become a pro. That puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?
Elon knows his marketing, for sure. While everyone is yelling about how its going to be an AI-first world in a few years, he pulls the marketing strategy of spreading ‘fear’, one of the most profound human feelings one can experience. Meanwhile, he’s training his own bots. After all, he’s just a businessman with a means to an end. Don’t get me wrong. He’s intent is good, but reality is an economic game.
Passed the radar
“London College of Fashion’s Innovation Agency collaborated with Martine Jarlgaard, Provenance and A Transparent Company for an exciting new blockchain project which launched at Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2017.
A behind the scenes look at how Blockchain technology allows us to register, track and reveal supply chain data securely. This technology enables each supplier to provide consumers access to information about the materials, processes and people behind products.
McDo creates demand
McDo creates demand
Hmm. Amazon. Playstation. Prime video. Seems like a good match, right? The big screen. Right into the gaming community, launched, to people with a kinda binge-like attitude. Clever stuff but it seems so obvious right? Going to people with a big screen and it makes sense to answer demand on all platforms? Right? Well… there’s more to it. Gaming customers or customers with a decent hardware, are more open to high-end and more demanding virtual/digital/visual products that needs that hardware acceleration. Why only use that huge investment for gaming only? They’re the people that have everything in place already. Get it? :) - need to focus on 6 types of gamers. Have fun ;)
Starting with data at your company, then show this graph to explain the needed steps. Capturing these days is fairly easy. Understanding and reading the insights, that’s a different skill set. Best thing to do? Start small with Google Analytics & CRM for instance and understand the difference between both. GA is session-driven. CRM is user-driven. Don’t mix-up or compare both stats. They’re measured differently.
Focus on the understand for now
Focus on the understand for now
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