Banks, a weird helmet & Bezos gets it

Well... it's sunday again. Time to watch some videos and read some interesting stuff. 
Banks, a weird helmet & Bezos gets it
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Well… it’s sunday again.
Time to watch some videos and read some interesting stuff. 

Digitalization of services is just getting started
Axa & ING bank are firing thousands of people due to the shift towards digital. It’s no-ones fault. It is the beginning of what’s going to happen in the next few months. The cost of digitization is per accident jobs. Don’t get me wrong. Not all services will become digital. If money is involved, the big wales will get the special treatment of face to face contact, which will be even more valuable as it is now.
Allow me to shed some light on this in the video below (in Dutch).
Two more Analytics videos
Is there a structural problem with your flow?
Is there a structural problem with your flow?
User ID integration has great benefits
User ID integration has great benefits
Interesting reads
Ad-Tech Firm Criteo Just Acquired Ecommerce Startup HookLogic for $250 Million | Adweek
Spotify is close to buying Soundcloud
A Highway in Austria Was Terrorized by Drunk Birds | Atlas Obscura

Mars Inc buying out Buffett stake in Wrigley
| Reuters
Damian Marley Is Converting a California Prison into a Pot Farm: Exclusive | Billboard
With laws being modified some time ago in the US, pot farms are gold mines and are popping up everywhere.
When creativity has no boundaries
Honestly? This is so cool! Caught my eye on twitter. Shame the link wasn’t shared about its origin. The helmet is based on the Playmobil figures we all remember playing with when we were young. This helmet was a collab by marketing agency DDB & production corp. MOEF as a possible campaign (not sure) to make kids wear a helmet.
Yes, it is 3D printed
Yes, it is 3D printed
Talking about creativity
Found my self stumbling on PODO yesterday & backed the project. Seems like a good way to shoot time-lapse videos without the need of being there with the camera (in case someone would steal it). 
And.. then I saw this. Genius! If you have a company and want to optimize time and help people to become more aware, you’d invest in this immediately. I would. And I would add obliged time for sports & pauze as well. Not to forget ;)
And this cool art table
This is in my top 3 gift to myself for my birthday.
Isn’t it fantastic to discover so much creativity thanks to the potential reach people get with this platform?
If there is one article you _need_ to read ...
It’s this one below. If you’re into SEO, Advertising & Content marketing, this is THE post you have to read. Hope you’ll get the hint ;)
Revenge is bubbling up
Never heard of the term bubbling before? Well. Now you have. And here’s an example. Some of those pictures bubbled up on Tumblr and got peoples attention and got 34 states in the US come up with a revenge pron law.
"Arty Trying To Be Farty" Picture Of The Week
Finally found the way to make animations and exporting them to gifs.
Behold… my “Mars Attack”.
Track of the week
Thomas Bangalter might not ring a bell but I’ll give a hint. He’s French, he makes most of the time music with another Frenchman. He got his studio in Paris. If he gets on stage days, it’s wearing a robot suite. Or working on the next Alive set?
Thomas is the ½ of Daft Punk.
Talented as F*. This is what could replace the theme song of Blade (the movie) to my humble opinion. 
What a quality rave track should sound like
What a quality rave track should sound like
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