AT&T pays $85.4 Billion for attention

Snapchat is making a shit load of money right in the branding space, where ads make money ;). Discove
AT&T pays $85.4 Billion for attention
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Snapchat is making a shit load of money right in the branding space, where ads make money ;). Discovery Channel leaps towards a more Netflix way of doing TV, and much more …

Deal of the week : 85.4 Billion Dollar
AT&T buys Time Warner (owner of HBO, CNN, DC Comics, …). An insane amount of money. They’re not buying the content, that’s an extra. They’re buying the network & strategically closing the open door to buying attention on other TV networks for players like Netflix (+20% up) & Sling TV
That’s one thing. For you to watch content of those channels, you’ll probably will need to pay more or get an AT&T subscription. It’s true that we use more and more mobile data and consumer content on mobile devices, more than desktop. 
Well, … Somewhat the same strategy Telenet could take according to their buying behaviour last year. Maybe. 
Buying your way into a content creation company, no matter what size, doesn’t sound so bad right now huh? :)
Discovery Channel will be doing more storytelling soon
I’m not sure if its the first time DC does this, but its a sign. Storytelling in a format for TV (series) is hot. The thing that Netflix is good at. Well.. could be that DC is heading the same direction. They have good shows but a battle for their manly audience to win from other (docu) channels, … so… storytelling about a topic all men love is probably a good proof of concept: Harley & The Davidsons including some digital extra’s on their site.
I guess we’ll see more of that on DC soon. Maybe a separate subscription model could follow. Would make sense. Could work in a “I watch when I want to watch” world.
GTA V got a Samsung mod last week
Throwing Samsung Notes to make vehicules explode. Check! It got Samsung very pissed and things got somewhat shitty for the YT'ers. Channels were taken down. Videos were removed. 
When $$$$ are at stake, …
In case you missed this, Samsungs’ Note 7 catched a few times fire due to overheating of the battery, the same issue that happened to the hoverboardHotel room on fire? Check. A whole house on fire? Check.
After recalling them and replacing them with a “safer” version, some of them still catched fire
Celebrities are investing heavily in Start-ups
According to CB Insights, the top 75 famous investors have given about $4.6 billion to private companies since 2007. Last year, celebrities participated in 101 deals totaling approximately $2 billion. While the year isn’t over yet, 2016 is shy of last year’s figure at less than $500 million.
Here’s the full image if you want to have a close look. I find it particularly interesting to see Leo invest in Qloo (an extend for people to express their opinion), Diamond foundry (an extend to his fight against blood diamonds?), Casper - a matras company (well-being) and Suja (Hydration).
A very purpose driven man. Very understandable if you know his story. If you have a few moments, you should watch his bio. Really!
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"Arty Trying To Be Farty" Picture Of The Week
Track of the week
Straight out of Detroit, released in ‘83 made by Juan Atkins. One of the five people that are ’recognized’ as being the pioneers of electronic dance music. 
Enjoy “Cybotron - Clear”.
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