Allo? My Washing machine blew up

Played with Google Allo this week. Interesting AI bot, not there yet, but funny though. Spotted few i
Allo? My Washing machine blew up
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Played with Google Allo this week. Interesting AI bot, not there yet, but funny though. Spotted few interesting things this week. Have fun reading.

Google Allo Assistant
Growing as cabbage, all sorts of bots pop up out of the blue in several industries or in forms and applications we couldn’t imagine. I’ve played around with Google Allo (released earlier this week) and found out that it was funny and somewhat handy, although not there yet. Not like Google’s search engine, which understands the repeated subject of your search. Fun though. Could become more handy when you can ask different things besides, what i like to call, task-based things. Needs some training i guess. Interesting space to watch these days. And especially in an app format (read: mobile on the go assistants).
Google Allo to the test
Google Allo to the test
While you were sleeping
The Office for National Statistics in the UK released interesting sector data in what they call “the UK perspectives series”. With the Brexit and all, you know. The cool part is that they also try to make data comprehensible to the main public with blogposts & data visualization
The first artificial pancreas is a fact and gets a green light.
Everyone knows Elon Musk said they’re planning to go to Mars.
No-one heard the following & neither is anyone thinking about how easy it will be for him to get more solar energy down to earth, colonizing another planet with full exposure to the sun.
Subscription bombing is a real pain in the ass sometimes. COI & Captcha are necessary as spam gets smarter.
Google opened up an open image dataset with over 9mio urls with automated tagged images in over 6k categories. Personally, I find this even more interesting.
Dashboards with black backgrounds should die
I’m a big fan of analytics and try to spend a lot of my time figuring out how to measure, analyze and above all enthousiast people into using analytics and maximizing the its value. One of the things I’ve come across that blew my mind, was that lots of dashboard tools provide a black background. It might look better, but it makes reading data a lot harder than you think.
There is one simple and above all, it’s the first, step you need to do when making an understandable data visualization: erase the background
The purpose is very simple: remove all clutter to make it comprehensible at first sight.
Other signals to know when someone doesn’t get dataviz
  • Backgrounds
  • Lines in the background
  • Highly numbered axes
  • 2D Pie charts (with more than 3 pieces)
  • Donut charts
  • Every 3D chart
  • Standard excel, powerpoint or keynote colours
  • Charts without legend
If you see one of these in a dataviz, run to the hills.
Dashboard tool builders should make them dummy proof!

If you need some help or advice, feel free to contact me.
Jeans is in trouble
I’d bet you wear a jeans every day to work? Well, maybe you didn’t notice. Jeans is having a hard time these days. Stretch is hot right now, anything Jeans is not. That’s why the Jagging is probably is a thing right now.
Daily vlog
You might not noticed. I’ve been vlogging for the last two weeks. Daily. Well… not vlogging as we know it, but uploading a video a day. At least one a day. I’ve learned some things just by doing and figuring out this process. Something I personally heavy invest in; learning how to learn faster.
Here is what i’ve learned so far:
  • It’s hard to come up with a daily subject if you don’t prepare for it
    (I love to do things ad hoc. hence why)
  • It’s hard to keep it interesting enough
  • I’m getting to know my audience, which is interesting (+90% male)
  • Basic editing is really easy to do & doesn’t take long
  • Uploading takes time
  • Video quality depends on lighting (duh) & camera
  • You’re rapidly running out of videos techniques which makes your vlog don’t stand out enough
  • Subscriptions don’t matter for your views (when subscriptions are few)
Go out & shoot some video!
Know how e-mail can work
Part of long-term strategy, e-mail is a process.
Most of marketers don’t get it. Here are some interesting reads about e-mail that could help to spice things up a bit.
Funniest tweet award this week goes out to ...
We all know the feeling, right?
We all know the feeling, right?
And the runner ups below:
Cool homescreen bro
Cool homescreen bro
Helping out douchebags
Helping out douchebags
Making movies = low cost these days
Cab + Roller skating camera man + Stabilized pro camera
Video here
Interesting long reads
How the illegal trade in wild-animal meat could cause the next global pandemic — Quartz
Don't put a ring on it. Put a camera on it!
OPEC deal shows Saudi oil strategy has backfired, says John Kilduff
Venice protestors seeking a ban on cruise ships are dressing like pirates to chase them away — Quartz
"Arty Trying To Be Farty" Picture Of The Week
This week, two pics :) 
Managed to make some good progress this week. 
Same script. Different approach. Exploded vs imploded.
Track of the week
Mika Viano will probably don’t ring a bell. Even for people into techno for some years, don’t even know the guy. Experimental electronic music. Hypnotic from time to time. Extremely laidback with brilliant visuals from time to time. Pure floor material from time to time. I really admire this.
Take 10 min to enjoy this with eyes closed & loose yourself for a minute in space with his track called Stratostaatti.
Ø (Mika Vainio) - Stratostaatti
Ø (Mika Vainio) - Stratostaatti
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