Advergagement at $5K, Google needs the Roomba & more ...

Mid-summer update. Time flies. Holy crap.
Advergagement at $5K, Google needs the Roomba & more ...
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Mid-summer update. Time flies. Holy crap.

Cheap advergagement
Planning on building an app? Something with video? Now there’s a SDK that allows you to add your own filters with a single line of code. Starting at $5K a month, you’re able to server your own branded/non-branded filters. Event apps, grab your changes to earn a buck or two extra.
Tinkering stuff
Many newsrooms have data teams but few reporters have formal data training, study finds
Apple granted permission to renovate DC's Carnegie Library with 63,000 square foot store
Research & Insights
Millennial Survey 2017 | Deloitte | Social impact, Innovation
Why travel brands shouldn’t forget about the role of the store
Hey Google, ... Start my Roomba in the Salon
This thing arrived a few days ago :)
And I recorded a first small test. Planning on to do a more comprehensive review/video later when I figured out some more commands.
Wat een fantastisch ding die Google Home | #DBRaw 031 - YouTube
Wat een fantastisch ding die Google Home | #DBRaw 031 - YouTube
And on that same day, Roomba reveiled they’re mapping your whole groundplan of your house to use as insights to sell more smart devices. 
Roomba vacuum maker iRobot betting big on the 'smart' home
If I was Google, I would close the deal immediately for a few reasons:
  • Groundplans give you so much insights about how people live/act
  • More personalized and better search results on in-house location and even product based thanks to that mapping
  • Excellent data to serve better ad possibilities
Maybe an simple example to sketch. Google closes the deal & segments locations based on usage: kitchen, livingroom, … and offers detailed ad targeting: small kitchens with room for 1 small table and 4 chairs… for instance :) HELLO IKEA! So much options/possibilities.
I would close the deal in a blink of an eye!
It’s always good to see that companies build anything needed to support the bigger cause. NYT investing heavily in visualization to bring better stories build on information. Uber launching a visualization framework suite to support big-data driven viz. 
Summers Are Getting Hotter.
The Birth of a Visualization Framework Suite
This is what math nerds do with VR
Hey Bruges, … this could be something for you?
Make Crochet cool again.
Thanks for reading till the end.
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