Actionable with ONE Poll & more ...

Experimenting with marketing is not like it used to be. It's not about risks. It's about asking the r
Actionable with ONE Poll & more ...
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Experimenting with marketing is not like it used to be. It’s not about risks. It’s about asking the right questions. Allow me to show you.
In this e-mail as well: e-mail tips, FB live video, USD vs arrival time at work and more…

Tactic: actionable business dev with one-shot polls
There is so much implicit data available in e-mail answers if you just are able to ask the right question. It’s the same thing as running polls. You want to capture insights or data to know more about your audience. The best polls, to me, are context based, two ways: towards the clients, towards you as an insight. The key is in asking the right questions, combined. 
Allow me to demonstrate with an example and how easy it is to experiment with new ideas to sell or segment (yes, you could even segment with this approach).
Let’s say you’re a cable company providing digital télévision and you want to know the percentage of people having Netflix as well. Categorize your input. Select Netflix only series and some random well-known movies in different genres that are not available on Netflix. 
Then, ask three questions:
  1. Which of these series below have you’ve already watched online?
    (list of some series of Netflix & mixed with yours)
  2. Which of these movies below have you already watched on DVD or Blue ray? (list of some movies on DVD or Blue ray mixed with your online catalog)
  3. Which of the series or movies below would make you switch to online only watching? (list + option: an other reason)
What can you do with this?
  1. Gives you insights if they have Netflix or not
    (good insight overlap % and none users)
  2. Gives you insights in who still buys or rents DVD’s or Blue rays
    (good trigger for cost cutting & other advantage packages)
  3. Ask your customers what content would make them switch, just ask
    (what type of content would make the switch the most -> test with a small group to see if they mean it before you roll this out to the vast majority).
Give it a try. 
The same approach is applicable to any company or business.
Practical E-mail marketing tips
The Direct Marketing Association in the UK made a wopping 39 pages full of interesting insights about consumer e-mail usage (PDF). Some cool insights: we care more about personal accounts than work, less of the half of all the e-mails people get are relevant, although they get more than last year, …
Thé forgotten E-commerce setting in Google Analytics
Into E-commerce & measuring your return in Google Analytics. SWEET! Have you excluded your payment provider referrals yet? If not, check this list with all the possible providers to exclude.
Why you need to exclude your payment provider? Because all the value of the sale is attributed to the last interaction. Most of the time, that’s your payment provider. Due to it’s HTTPS protocol they show up again as a referral in your referral list, which is technically correct, but a pain in the ass for analyzing the attribution of sources or visited pages.
Do it! Today.
Admin -> Settings -> Referral exclusion -> Add provider option/domain
Your marketer/analist will be happy :-)
Promoting an iOS app just got easier
The Performance Marketer's Guide to Apple Search Ads | Growth Pilots
Should you go early to work?
I came across this interesting data viz about earnings vs arrival time at work in the US. Without going into the details, you could say most of us have a normal arrival time at work, although there is a huge deviation if it comes to earnings. So hard to say. What can be said is that arriving around noon till 18h is a bad thing for your wage. Starting around 19h, spikes again together with the earnings. Quite interesting.

Seems that arriving late in the Professional & Retail world is a bad thing, although in the medical sector, it’s a good thing. 
The misconception around (FB) Live Video
I’m fascinated by the concept of live video. Video and all visual content assets are take a larger piece of the attention cake and it’s probably at the cost of long-form copywriting (which sounds obvious to me).
When I talk about live video and broadcasting to clients, I get the fair question: “who looks at these videos? for ***** sake…”. You’ll be stunned how many people just tab in to watch a few seconds to get a micro-moment of entertainment or taste of your spiel. A bit of FOMO, in a way.
And… it’s not about how many people watch the live feed till the end, those are few. It’s about who has seen you, even if it is a glimp of what you’re up to. FB is about branding (being out there in the timeline). In general, in a black & white setting, channels are about being found. Conversion & $$$$$ are made elsewhere, in the micro-interactions. Although branding feeds the $$$$, for sure, it can’t be mistake as a trigger to convert as a consumer. It’s the message that might be the external trigger or lit the internal trigger to visit, click and maybe buy a product or service.
Did you know you can download FB live videos after completion?
Did you know you can download FB live videos after completion?
Facebook is forcing itself to make itself the first choice of video publishing if it comes to live video. The downloading option makes it really clear that all other platforms are coming in only at the second layer of distribution. The same to what Snapchat is doing with the content you created. You see very few content from Instagram on Snapchat. The other way around is happening more often. Although both platforms allow to export the content, Snapchat seems to be the first wave of distribution to what I see in my timeline.
What do you see in your timeline?
Don’t get fooled by mixing up content distribution order & the amount of attention by “use” per platform. I see lots of people capturing the same moment in a different way for the both platforms. That seems to be the best way, if possible.
Platforms: First its about demographics, later its about use.
Why I send only ONE e-mail per year to my whole list
Once a year, at the end of the year, I send just ONE e-mail to my entire list. To all the people that ever e-mailed me, to all the people that are connected with me through linkedin, … Check out the video, why I do that.
You should try this as well
You should try this as well
While you were sleeping
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"Arty Trying To Be Farty" Picture Of The Week
Like every other week, i try to make one picture where data has turned into chaos. Below you can find the creation of this week, an experiment with 3D & OpenGL.
Track of the week
As heard on the radio last friday, allow me to take you back to the year 1993. The year of Two Unlimited & this
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