A White Room, Personalization & A Code Word To Sell Anything!

WOW. I mean... WOOOOOW! THIS. WEEK. IS. ACE♤! (to my humble opinion) So much interesting stuff passed
A White Room, Personalization & A Code Word To Sell Anything!
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THIS. WEEK. IS. ACE♤! (to my humble opinion)
So much interesting stuff passed my radar. Taking a week off pays off. In so many ways. Been working on few things which will air in 2017. The label, planning on changing my blog, etc. 
I’ll cut to the chase…
Enjoy reading. 

Let’s start of with some e-mail marketing goodies first. No top clicked items this week. Next week will be more interesting after you’ve been through this huge list ;)
E-mail marketing
Although, here in the Benelux, Yahoo! as almost second to none market share, they tend to keep innovating their e-mail ads. Could this be the impact of the deal with Verizon a few months back? Not sure who’s using Yahoo! in Belgium. Guess they’re the same demo as Bing. Old. People come with the browser & the device. Or is the other way around? In case you want to send something fancy for the holidays, you could try this interactive greeting card. Hallmark 2.0. kinda. Hey Hallmark! Isn’t this something for you? To add to your e-cards? Btw, no Christmas moment on your e-card page? Time is now. These tips for a mobile-first e-mail design could help too. A good first step is to make mobile, tablet and desktop work. After that, go into more specifics. You could go full blown and map e-mail on touchpoints all at once. Or… do it step by step. Let a dive into stats help you to get device focus & messaging sorted out. If you haven’t gone mobile-first, kept static HTML, your creation process needs work and you’re still worried about unsubscription rates, get your shit together in 2017. Everyone else will. I would. And… change your metrics. Mobile users act different and can skew results (page 9). But wait… people unsubscribing? Are you sure you’re writing is good enough? Give Gary Halbert’s e-mail archive a try & start testing your writing. It has a huge impact! Bouncing e-mails, pain in the ass, right? Well, a step by step approach could help solving that. It even can be automated, to some extent.
How about a bit of e-commerce
Like every other year, at work, we try to help the industry with our vision on digital. In this case e-commerce, especially personalization & e-commerce. It’s free, it’s filled with very practical advice and above all it’s very well designed too! If you aren’t planning on downloading the thing, allow me to recap in short what’s it all about. On the base of that framework, more details about the topics below are covered in the rest of the report: Marketing communication highlights, the importance of copywriting, how this fits e-mail marketing, the ins and outs about up- and cross-selling (by yours truly :-) )
Ads ads ads and more ads
Like every other year Adweek kept an eye on the advertising industry. In the top best commercials, of course. Apple. Not with gear. With Music. Apple did well thanks to Taylor Swift & her shit load Insta followers. Which directly brings me to this: it’s by far the best way to target a certain generation. There’s also a very cool clip which calls on viewers to “step up and become a force for good in the world”. I’ve been seeing this more than few lately. Full clips, call it story telling, whatever, as the new commercial. Girls will love this. Did you do a ugly christmas sweater day at work? Well, H&M used it as a hook for a commercial showing their collection in a Christmas train party. Or something like that. Here’s the rest of the list “best ads of 2016”. 
The Glass Room by Mozilla & TTC
About almost two years ago I wrote this article. Talking about the next step where Analytics will go, in my humble opinion. I’m convinced that with the current focus and state of the internet, where the consumer is the center of everything, they eventually will (want to) control their data as well, in the most broad way imaginable. Interesting to see that Thomas H. Davenport wrote an article with the same title, although focusing on the company sides of things: the worry of technology issues. That’s where AI is already coming in. I don’t know much about AI, although I can comprehend the impact. He’s right you know. Connecting & automating the dots is happening as we speak. As a reaction to that, consumer will want to have more control. To keep our privacy & jobs (duh!) at first. That is what people will tell. Why, and that’s my best guess, to keep the robots from taking our comfort, whatever that will be. Jobs, the lack of human touch, too much efficiency, … although, they even could help us make tough decisions (trend 5). I think it just needs some time to get used to getting an extra brain on the side before we adapt & integrate with more AI injected stuff. That’s all. What about AR glasses in the future? Some quirky stuff in there (trend 8). Snapchat will be very active in this world, real soon with their spectacles.
Extra interesting reads
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"Arty Trying To Be Farty" picture of the week
Track of the week
Back in time. A record I tend to play when I need a total reset. Send your spouse out of the house. Put this on max volume. Dance like a new wave dude(tte).
d - out.
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