A few words, that's all.

I'll keep it short & simple. It's Christmas after all. Snackable reads, just a few links. For tha
A few words, that's all.
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I’ll keep it short & simple. It’s Christmas after all. Snackable reads, just a few links. For that after X-mass dinner chill-out. Nothing like last week
Have a nice Christmas with family and friends first.
Afterwards, sit back, relax, grab a drink & read.

Nintendo launched Mario on iPhone. No Pokémon Go but close, signing up 40 mio users in 4 days, although… people left the app as fast as they added it to their phone.
Super Mario Run iPhone game downloaded a record breaking 40 million times | Daily Mail Online
MVP in 4 weeks. Grew to 2k users in just two weeks. Martijn talks about the beginning of Revue.co, the platform that offers the flexibility of creating this newsletter.
From side-project to millions of emails – Revue
When tech screws up, we pay & we’ll never know… unless someone reveals the secret. FB inflated video views. Twitter did the same. 
Facebook exaggerating view count didn't affect advertiser bills - Business Insider
Twitter app bug inflated video ad metrics by as much as 35% - Business Insider
You’ve probably seen it passing by. Mark talking about his AI homeproject on his FB blog and made small but well-orchestrated video about it. If not… have a watch at the video. Early days AI in the way we think of AI as simple mortals. Although AI can be as simple as an Instagram filter too you know.
Never thought about it, but it sounds like a obvious next steps when reading the article below. Are you +34? You’ll probably be settled by now and start to improve your home instead of buying decoration & furniture.
When Do You Outgrow Shopping at IKEA?
Need something to talk about at Christmas dinner?
Road paved with solar panels powers French town
Building Jarvis
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