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#98 - Update

#98 - Update
By Dries Bultynck • Issue #98 • View online

New Job, Fresh Air
After 9 years, growing from a one-trick SEO pony to a (I hope so) decent digital all-rounder at Wijs, I’ve decided to leave the company. To challenge myself again. To find some fresh air and a new horizon to look up to.
In case you wondered, I’m staying in my lane. I’m still found and focused on analytics, data, retail and strategic, global economical & complex topics. Can’t help it.
Original update can be found here.
Hug For 20 Seconds A Day
A few weeks ago, I ran into Jeff on a festival near my hometown. We had a chat, hugged and laughed. Yes, we had some drinks, yet something got stuck in my head what Jeff told me. He advised me share knowledge (but with whom?) and hug your beloved ones at least for 20 seconds a day.
Jeff and I hugged a few times in our 30 minutes or so encounter. Must have been a funny sight (1m90 & 1m60)

  1. I’m back at writing again (on my site) and I will try to write as evergreen as possible in order to help some people: tips, tricks, patters, thoughts, …
  2. My wife (got married in march in case you missed that) and I try to hug every day for 20s, no matter when or where. We skipped some days already, but hugging every day feels really nice. You should try it.
Track Of The Week
Trying to keep up the tradition from previous updates. A track of the week. Played on the radio yesterday. Forgot all about that track. So funky, so sexy. Volume to the max and unleash your inner monkey.
Yello - Oh Yeah (Original)
Yello - Oh Yeah (Original)
Warmth to you x
Feel free to reach out: 0479 37 84 98
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