+35 links - Interesting week, I'll say!

I'm so fascinated by how the world works, especially now. In a digital first world. Things are moving
+35 links - Interesting week, I'll say!
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I’m so fascinated by how the world works, especially now. In a digital first world. Things are moving so fast. It’s staggering. Great time to be alive & to work in digital. Add to the mix an interest in behaviour … I’m actually almost droolin’ while I’m typing this.

Most clicked last week
In case you overlooked some of the links last week, … Or you didn’t open the last e-mail, here’s the list of most clicked items from last week:
Few tactical stuff first
What if you saw all the things tracked...
Chatbots the other way around
Lots of articles and examples passing by about chatbots to serve customers. Listening as a services. Well… now there is a different kind of chatbot launched. To really serve customers aka win their time back on lousy customer support.
Drones, for sport, for fun
Drones & fun? Racing (video)  … what else? Where? Dubai, where else? The new kind of sports. 3 - 2 - 1 … “we have no clue but you’ve won…”
From city to country, from country to platform
I don’t know much about economics, although I’m very interested in how the world works. Cities are the new countries & countries are become new worlds on their own, faster than we think. In a way, the countries become the platform, as the cities turn into nodes. The connection between those are people & technology.
While Japan and China are dealing with economic growth, Japan gets critized by ramping up the coil industry next to its efforts in green energy. China has reached a peak in coal consumption (page 23) and thus is heavily investing in renewable energy (page 15). China is the world leader in sustainable energy and is setting the example for others. America, you’re no longer that great again, not on this turf you are.
I’m no expert, not even close. Either way… there’s something shifting, right now. New raw materials are on the rise. Companies exploiting coal are getting in trouble (news reported in april 2016). Companies exploiting oil or gas too. Shit is getting expensive (unprofitable is the word) and natural/renewable energy is on the rise (page 5). Production will be smarter then ever (which will benefit us), due to AI, Deep learning & other digital technologies. On a meta level, this will have an impact on global trading within ten or more years (mass adoption takes at least ten years based on the Gartner Hype Cycle, but there are many more factors that play a role in slow adoption).
On the bright side, this will generate lots of jobs (page 13).
While China and other countries are becoming the platform for new industries and companies are heavily investing in untapped markets (Africa is the new China - page 17), cities are becoming energy independent by becoming smarter. Cities are actually taking on the responsibility a total nation can’t, doing it step by step, city by city on top of the platform being created by the government, the country thus. By the way, since may 2016, Germany, is 87,6% powered by renewable energy (more in this report - P11). 

I personally think this is an interesting evolution of countries dealing with bigger and more global oriented topics while supporting cities to become more aware and bridging the GAP between the government and the working class when it comes to a better and smarter living. You’re influenced by your surroundings, not by a country or government. We all know that, don’t we? 
A lot of digital oriented compagnies will benefit and play a huge part in your every day smarter life (check the sponsors below the page), as well as online bridging the GAP with offline. Commodity oriented companies focusing on, for instance, solar power, we’ll become a node on the platform, next to the nodes called new countries (the smart-living cities of tomorrow).
Crossed my radar
If you only read on thing from this list, let it be the one here below.

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"Arty Trying To Be Farty" Picture Of The Week
Like every other week, I try to make a generative picture. This week, I didn’t make a picture. I’ve been experimenting with making screensavers on an android device instead for the last few weeks. 
Track of the week
Although the original is quite untouchable, I’m personally more found of the more filthy version of the The Glimmers. Olivia Newton John, you made one hell of a classic! x
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