34 Snackable & Long reads + ...

Two weeks of vlogging and all I got was a lousy fifteen extra followers. Should be a quote on a t-shi
34 Snackable & Long reads + ...
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Two weeks of vlogging and all I got was a lousy fifteen extra followers. Should be a quote on a t-shirt, no? I’m kidding. I’m amazed by the impact of daily vlogging. You should Subscribe to my YT channel.

Caught my eye
A few things caught me eye this week. Some special stuff, some nerd stuff. If you haven’t heard of Play & Produce, that’s ok, but I’d recommend taking a look at their cool CSS animated 3D Matrix. I need to try this out myself. Fascinating what you can do with Javascript & CSS these days.
GoPro raised the bar a bit for action cams & even launched a drone. Although this drone looks more compelling to me, skipping the steep learning curve of flying for only €999. Oh… and that might be a good thing to ramp up the speed GoPro, because Evan Spiegel is launching a Snapchat sunglasses for $130 a pop to help teens shoot 10s videos more easily from another view. 
Don’t underestimate the impact of the extensions of a messaging platform. Brands like D&C or even eyewear from Adidas will be taking a hit in the next few months. Good glasses, but no tech to connect people in order to express themselves. Hey Nike, … get cracking, skip the watch & design some smart sunglasses. Will be a good thing. 
You’ve probably already heard of the concept “Smart cities”?
Well, the first type of new architects are already popping up as we speak in Amsterdam. Experimenting with 3D printed houses, social design and more.
If you’re into bots, this might be the site for you.
When four tech giants join forces to get something on the rails, you know it’s big. Well… typography is getting big, because of the growing amount of platforms.
I really hope the pre-roll I saw this week on Twitter isn’t happening.
Why? Here’s why I F*CKING HATE PRE-ROLLS !! 
First pre-roll ad on Twitter?
First pre-roll ad on Twitter?
Shit is about to hit the fan in advertising land
Accountability. Probably the scariest world in mainstream advertising land. And yet… it’s time. Mc Donalds is setting the example and the industry is in shock. Well, the big boys are. Belgium will take a few months more :-)
Performance has been very hard to measure and make ads accountable if comes to real-time bidding (mainly digital), programmatic buying (mainly digital) and billboarding (mainly offline - let’s call this billboards, tv & radio in this context). On top of that, many publishers take a fee on the media spend and that’s how they earn their money. 

Well… that’s officially gone now. 
A good thing for several reasons:
  • Publishers will have to prove what they’re worth
  • You’ll probably be served better ads and less in your face shitty stuff
With the growing speed of technical improvements if it comes to measuring the whole sales funnel, the branding aspect will become accountable as well. So … don’t you worry digital creatives, it will take some time for that technology to be affordable, but it will get here sooner than you think. 
Procter & Gamble, the world’s biggest marketer, recently announced a change in the way it buys advertising on Facebook. It is cutting its spend on highly targeted ads and is increasing spend on ads that address much larger swaths of the potential audiences for its brands, which include Tide, Pampers and Gillette. Explaining this shift of emphasis, P&G’s global brand building officer, Marc Pritchard, said: “We targeted too much, and went too narrow.” -> Use the direct link via Google to skip the paywall ;-)
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"Arty Trying To Be Farty" Pic Of The Week
I’m very happy I’ve made some good progress this week-end. Sometimes you wonder how long it will take to come up with something decent when you start investing time in something. Well… it happened sooner than I thought. Hope next week will be as good as this week. Maybe I’ll try add some animation, if all works out.
Generative art sketch004
Generative art sketch004
Track Of The Week
Like every other week, this week a real beauty. Bumped on this track last friday. Play at least till the middle to get to the real good part. 
At First Sight
At First Sight
That’s it for this week.
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