Nothing much to say this week, except that I have talked to some really nice people this week and lea
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Nothing much to say this week, except that I have talked to some really nice people this week and learned a thing or two. I need to talk more to people… So… feel free to connect & lets have a chat about life.
Have read some real nice articles as well.
Below a list of what I’ve been reading this week.
And this week was the beginning of getting a grip on “persona’s”. I still find them fluffy. I still don’t comprehend them fully. Seems like everyone has its own definition. Can you help me?

Shit is fucked up. People just want to be informed before they buy. And guess what… talking to people works. No shit sherlock.
The great enterprise chat race  |  TechCrunch
Investing in micro-improvement is SOOOOO underrated.
Driving user growth with performance improvements – Pinterest Engineering – Medium
Still underused. GIF’s.
Had a brilliant talk with Stefanie Pennoit (Media Buyer/Planner) and learned so much in only 60 minutes… coming down to this. Targeting on TV matters!  The socio demo stats of TV & Radio are so diverse. Really fascinating stuff to dive into, in function of product placement & branding. Nothing is what it seems. 
Fox News Draw Oldest TV News Audience in 2015
HENRY’s - I did knew.. although I forgot ‘bout it.
Are You a HENRY? – The Billfold
Facebook Ads = More Time To Invest In A Lead
Visual inspiration
As I’m getting more and more inspired by visual outlets, allow me to share some cool snippets that crossed my path this week.
Got myself this brilliant book this week
See ya next week
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