+30 Carefully Selected Trend Articles

Four Christmas dinners later ... Trend lists are passing by on Twitter, Linkedin, ... Same old, same
+30 Carefully Selected Trend Articles
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Four Christmas dinners later … Trend lists are passing by on Twitter, Linkedin, … Same old, same old. Different year, Different trends, same timing though. If you’re a fan of those things, scroll down for the list with +30 links on trends ;)
If not… some other goodies in here as well.
Have a nice end of year & get rid of good intentions, instead …

It's official when Mariah says it is
The Christmas season started early so it seemed.
Don’t you just love data? :)
Most clicked last week
Trendreport 2017
Like every other year, Wijs spills out a list of trends with the help of digital minded people. This years, the report exists ten years! Allow me to put a link in here as well, as a form of respect for hard work & dedication.
Download it here or click on the image. 
The full report contains over 100 pages of insights & thoughts of people like Bart Dewaele, Steven van Belleghem, Koen Stevens en Rik Lagey, Jente Kasprowski, Carole Lamarque, Hans Smellinckx, Karl Gilis, Frederik Vermeire, …
I wrote some words myself on the art of letting go, starting on page 52. 
El Trend list GIGANTICO
I’ll start with the more digital stuff.
Personally, I think this is the best prediction of all the trends listed below by Jordie van Rijn. Chatbots will steer trigger-based e-mails, context in real-time, predictive scoring, machine-driven segmentation for content (before conversion) & data for a better 360° view (duh!) 
Here are the others:
  1. Smart insights trends - Multiplatform, need for data & automation
  2. Video ad trends - Mobile, metrics, live/augmented/vr …
  3. Mobile advertising - Header banner targeting!
  4. Trends that could influence Analytics
  5. Big data trends (5! & 6)
  6. Something less interesting but a scan worthy to keep up with high level trends in performance: 26 US-market focused people tell what they see coming (filtered performance retargeting is a good guess to go mainstream, to my personal opinion & of course more video & graphics in any format)
And some other interesting trends you can do something with: content creation for instance. Or use it to your advantage on a more strategical level. These are some interesting topics to keep an eye on.
  1. Trends of 2017 by Tom Palmaerts (wagon detection, if you know what i mean)
  2. Besides driverless vehicules - Trend 6 & 7 (click the arrow on the right) might not be that obvious to most of us, including myself
  3. Cashless (already?) and more in debt Finance related trends
  4. Data segregation (trend n°7) in mobility is an interesting win for apps
  5. Consumer trends by Ericsson (Must scan/read repost: 16p PDF)
  6. Samsung is seeing some shifts as well (n°2 is a big one! You see lot of proof in Fashion & Technology usage - FOMO & Status)
  7. Fashion will change in 2017 (Dropping the term Ahtleisure is one the biggest - the rise of B&M stores with Sporty Apparel has changed the daily outfit - Check the number of sneakers been worn, the rise of jeggings & yoga pants in the last few years, … 
  8. And… following fashion closely, … interior design trends
  9. Fitness, a space that doesn’t change at all except technology & connectivity creates more derivatives
  10. Smart tech in the kitchen & zero waste + From sugar to genetically-modified food labeling
  11. 8 VERY interesting trends for travel
  12. Even Sweden has its own trendreport, where Sweden starts to realize they should act more as a platform themselves (I wrote about it here) Hey dear government… look at this, where is our view on Belgium? 
Crossed the radar
In 3h from NY to LON? You can, soon. Even more business advantage for UK & US based / focused compagnies. C-level and high value customers gonna love this! 
Time gets bought. Patience gets earned.
On a more practical level, for the fans… intent & seo - always a good way to approach a way of working. If you need something more hands-on in a European way, check out this article I wrote for Search Engine Watch back in 2012!
Cool (clever) marketing, today!
Over 50 and want to connecting with the youngsters? User Generated Content with a humoristic touch + Instagram helps. And Instameet seems to be a good hashtag/meetup to find the influencers you need. Discover the rise of Fashion Dads. Paul McCartney created some audio emojis for Valentine last february. Might be an idea to do a campaign with this as a brand if you’re into the LOVE making business.
Talking about producing … all major footy clubs in Europe are teaming up to create their own social network and offer unique content. On the other side of the ocean, a basketball club is trying to offer something more legit for their fans instead of plain boring tickets. In the meantime, now is the time to keep an eye on AI driven ad targeting to integrate in your way of working. The more visual, gesture-drive, audio-drive or haptic communication gets the more AI will be needed. Snapchat is getting ready. Google is (getting) ready. Facebook is ready. Hence the reason why we’ll need to let go and will be more focused on curation of the outcome of AI instead of manual segmentation, personalization, etc.
It will be very interesting to see how the big five players (Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple and Snapchat) will dominate intelligence as an asset and therefore our budget to buy attention of the consumer.
Strategically speaking, it’s a great time as a food related brand to focus on health. In the long run, personalized diets. That’s what’s Nestlé been up to and is working towards.
"Arty Trying To Be Farty" video of the week
Needs some work. Slowly getting there. Used it to launch my third record label. One has to invest.
Tracks to celebrate 2016
We lost a few good artists this year. Allow me to list up some of their best songs, to me, as a tribute to their persistence and talent. It was very hard to pick one song per artist, so I chose the less obvious ones. By the way, all gents knew how to market themselves. Bowie was a kameleon, Prince made himself a sex symbol with his custom guitar & George, … well, .. George went from boy to a real man and build his brand outside the spotlights by donating lots of monnies.
Goodbye Mr. Bowie
Goodbye Prince
Unplugged shows his skills even more.
Goodbye George, mate!
They sure got one hell of a band up there to rock some real good music. The private club is upstairs, so it seems.
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