This week: Short. Simple. Clickable. Snackable. 
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This week: Short. Simple. Clickable. Snackable. 

E-mail marketing
Tip: if you’re able to hold on to your current state of revenue and everything comes without the extra effort needed, I’d strongly suggest you invest in building up intelligence! Progressive profiling, data quality-clean-up and aggregating to get meta insights. 
For you to play with
Music to improve focus, meditation & sleep.
Interesting reads
Who's President Doesn't Matter That Much to the Stock Market - Bloomberg View
An Insight, An Idea with Jack Ma
Music retail revenues up 4.6% in 2016
12 Things That Won't Happen In 2017 (My Music Industry Anti-Predictions)
If you automate enough people out of a job, then a lot of people won’t be able to afford the items you’ve created faster via automation.
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