15 interactive e-mail examples & more

Back at it again. Skipped this last week. Honestly? I was too drunk the day before and had a huge han
15 interactive e-mail examples & more
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Back at it again. Skipped this last week. Honestly? I was too drunk the day before and had a huge hangover the day after (newsletter day). So… not sorry for that actually. That’s life.

E-mail marketing
E-mails is hard and actually a mens world, yet very interesting as a playground but it takes time. To speed up the process of testing, test different e-mails in terms of content first. It’s the easiest to do! 
If you're following social media ...
You’ll know to what and whom I’m referring to … 
Click on the image above to watch
Click on the image above to watch
Here’s an idea: make a deal with Ruslan, out-bid everyone and steal the thunder. This would be an epic meta move in terms of branding ;)
‘Like Being in Prison with a Salary’: The Secret World of the Shipping Industry  :  Longreads
Davos leaders: we might be heading for a jobless world, but that’s not as bad as it sounds | World Economic Forum
On and off the track, data strategy offers Formula E teams a competitive edge — Quartz
Scaling Recommendation Engine: 15,000 to 130M Users in 24 Months | ReSci
"Arty Trying To Be Farty" picture of the week
Been working on a limited series of vinyl for Orbis Records last launched sublabel (end of dec 2016) and first prints will be done this week. Every items is handnumbered and will get unique artwork on the B-side.

Might be interesting to rename this chapter of the e-mail and give you more details about what’s coming up in the future.
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Track of the week
😍 Vince Watson - Atom. Interesting thing, Mr. Watson sells all his vinyl (8.5k vinyls) and only plays digital anymore. Mr. Watson has been to some extent one of the few people with a perfect matching sound on vinyl. His tracks got even a warmer touch due to vinyl and now he’s resolute pulling the digital card. Interesting. Which confirms even more than vinyl is now a collectors item and even going to be more profitable in the future from now one, as it was till this day. 

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