1.2 Billion Customer Journeys & more ... - CWI#85

1.2 Billion Customer Journeys & more ... - CWI#85
By Dries Bultynck • Issue #85 • View online
Excuse-me-je as this newsletter is taking you all places. Creative With Intelligence, there’s a forgiving ring to it. Used a bit more clearer titles this time. Should be easier to scan. Anyhow… Have a nice read this week.

Marketing: Make Product Discovery Easier
Qubit, a analytics container services, analyzed 1.2 billion customer journeys and noticed that mobile is lacking 28% in the discovery phase. Total report here. The show what every marketer already knows: e-commerce is about the search function and information architecture! The success of Wish. Pinterest rings a bell ;) same shit.. different year.
Energy: Shift when the end is near
As my interest starts to shift to more global topics, one of the most bizarre things to watch is the shift in products traditional energy brands are taking. Oil companies are going electric. Two ways, probably: producing energy and distributing energy. Intriguing, isn’t it? Yet, it’s the same pattern as now. Only, the big boys are starting to move. War is here.
Shell Energy Transition Report | Shell Global
Instagram: fake or real?
BBC - Capital - The fascinating world of Instagram’s ‘virtual’ celebrities
AI: Farming is cool
Very funny: my presentation at work to explain how supervised and unsupervised machine learning works was based on farming. Now this passed the radar. With the help of Robovision (by Jonathan Berte), a Belgian based company.
Old MacDonald had a farm, AI-A-I/O
Trend watch: Vegan on the rise
As I have a methobolic low protein diet to follow, vegan options are the new ‘social’ relief to me! Every city trip we do, every year it strikes me that more and more vegan restaurant options come available. If you’re a meat brand, you need to watch this closely how this evolves. If you’re into the side dish biz, grab the opportunity. Besides that, the more diverse habitants get, the less meat there will be consumed ;) think about it. There’s a reason why UK has a growing Vegan potential.
Sound: Creative With Robots
Puma just announced a series of sneakers named after the Roland TR-808 drum machines. They really look so lame! This retro-trend in the electronic music is really getting out of control. The Refactored Roland 909, 303 and 808 tot digital machines was the last drop to really launch the current midi-controlled sequencing hype to dj'ing like Chris fine-tuned for years now, but an interactive set-up based on the (Le… wait for it … gendary woops I spilled coffee over the circuits) TR-808 drum machine is really cool! Simon makes them, Sonic Robots
Drum Robot MR-808 Interactive - YouTube
Drum Robot MR-808 Interactive - YouTube
TV: You Need To Act Or You're Screwed
Maybe a personal opinion, but I’m pretty confident about this. As TV doesn’t really attract younger people, they’ll be in trouble within a few years. Within the 10 years, there will be a generation that won’t be closing the GAP. They’re watching Youtube. Why? Because TV is boring! Nothing to do with linear programming. TV is just stupid shit, copying somewhat trends from Youtube (people like to associate themselves with other people), but… this creative generation that will have to lift TV to another level, are YOUTUBERS! Affordable gear, time to experiment, a potential business model that can pay “normal” bills. Different model than TV, right?
The new MTV is Youtube non-stop.
Music: Patterns Visualized
6 Weird Pop Songs, Visualized
Strategy: The Future Is A Lot Of Small Things
Attack Of The Micro Brands – Positive Slope – Medium
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