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here is a newsletter and it is about golf

Drew's Cool Golf Revue
here is a newsletter and it is about golf
By Drew Millard • Issue #1 • View online
This is the pandemic and we’ve all had some time to sit and think. Or sit and not think, or more accurately do some sitting and thinking plus some sitting and not-thinking.

When I worked at The Outline (R.I.P.), I was writing at least once a week, usually more, because writing is fun and I usually edited longer stuff that took a while to get up. Towards the end there, probably the final three or four months of the site’s existence, were the most fun I’d ever had at a workplace. It kind of felt like being in a band or something, like our personalities complemented each other in a way where we were all building towards this thing that was larger than ourselves, just this sort of group consciousness. I found myself approaching my work always trying to impress these people I worked with, at the same time knowing that whatever I showed them, they would and could help make it better. And like any good band, there was a group of people who seemed to really dig what we did yet because of “struggles” within “the industry,” we as a band made no money and eventually had to break up. 
I think after we all got laid off, I was almost relieved. The days before the site was shuttered, I remember feeling a deep sense of dread in the pit of my stomach, this overwhelming urge to retreat. Not from work, but from the world, because we all knew the pandemic was coming, or maybe it was already here, and either way it seemed a lot scarier and dangerous to me than it does now. That’s not because I’m brazen or anything, it’s just that things seem scary, and then if they stick around long enough, they become normal. I needed a break, anyway. I took some time to play more videogames than a teenager does on summer break, got kind of worse at golf, taught myself how to become bad at poker, wrote a book proposal, read a bunch. From that standpoint, it was all a shock to my system — for years, I’d written regularly and was used to the little serotonin rush that comes with posting a thing I’d done on Twitter, hoping that it would get at least a little attention, but that I wasn’t about to embarrass myself with some bullshit I’d just crapped onto a computer screen. It was, in a very real way, withdrawal.
pictured: me sipping the sweet, sweet nectar of instant gratification (via posting)
pictured: me sipping the sweet, sweet nectar of instant gratification (via posting)
But this, too, has come to feel normal. I’m writing the book now (How Golf Can Save Your Life, coming out Fall ’22 on Abrams Press!) so my brain takes basically every idea I have these days and runs it through a flowchart to determine where the idea is “Book” or “Not-Book.” The Book side ends up swallowing a bunch of the ideas. It’s about golf, but also history, the internet, class, politics, the environment, laptops, computers, laptop computers, squirrels etc., plus a whole lot of personal stuff. At this point, my goal is to freelance maybe one or two times a month, more or less depending on how the book’s coming (I’ve got a horrifically rough draft of Chapter 4 at this point, thanks for asking), so that’s swallowing up a lot of Not-Book ideas already. 
Weirdly though, I’m finding that I have a lot of Not-Book ideas sitting around that have to do with golf itself? Book Golf ideas tend to be big, or at least expansive, and they use golf as a way to talk about all these other different things, and by the nature of Book, those ideas can’t really be topical because it’s impossible to tell who’s going to give a shit about how Bryson DeChambeau getting swole with Kyle Berkshire or whatever in a year and a half.
In all likelihood, this newsletter will end up being an accidental parody of actual golf websites in that I’ll probably spend a lot of time reviewing random old clubs that I buy at Play It Again Sports for $20 and/or shit I bought at the thrift store, posting guides to the quotidian, non-impressive courses I play at, interviewing my friends who also play golf, and then writing about completely non-golf-related shit and writing one sentence about golf so that I can try to convince myself it was actually a blog post about golf. It will be fun. I have no idea how often I’m going to update this thing, but I just downloaded a bunch of old public domain photos of golfers from the Library of Congress, so maybe I’m in this for the long haul? 
i mean like how am i not supposed to put this picture online
i mean like how am i not supposed to put this picture online
So I’ve got these golf thoughts, and I wanna get them out there, so I’m starting this newsletter. I’m going with Revue, because everybody already has a Substack and IDK maybe this will work better. If this website ends up sucking I’ll just port everything over to Substack and pretend I never had the off-brand Substack.
Also, the good thing about newsletter entries is you can just decide they’re finished whenever.
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