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The Story Behind The Stories 🤓


Drew's Letter

January 2 · Issue #81 · View online

The latest things I've dug into including books, quotes, songs, gadgets and other things I've found interesting.

Sawubona everyone! This is our 2nd edition of 💯 Stories in 💯 Days. If you missed the first one, here it is. I’m learning this whole marketing thing and tried to suck you in a bit first rather than starting purely with logistics. One of my favorite books of all time, Start With Why, by Simon Sinek, gives away its best nugget in the title. I love the book so much I commissioned someone to make a painting of it, and it hung on my desk for years. Begin with the why, and the rest will follow. I suspect the power here comes from the idea that behavior follows belief. It’s part of why Amazon is so dominant, and Google is a Day 2 company. 😱 Amazon focuses on its customers. Google focuses more on its competitors. It doesn’t matter how much data you stuff up your butt. 🍑 The belief system is the real driver. Why am I doing this? What is…
The Story Behind The Stories
The story is a hodgepodge, a cluster of reasons for bringing this experiment to life. For one, I hope this inspires you to create more yourself. Muhammad Ali said something along the lines of; most people forget the amazing things I do. Why should I worry about them remembering the crappy ones? I have a fear of looking stupid, and sometimes this causes me not to produce. 🥕
As of late, this has manifested in my writing as a lack of publishing. I’ve been writing a lot. But I haven’t been publishing a lot. It’s time for that to change. Publishing gives the author the gift of feedback. Feedback is a tool that helps us improve. Ideas need to be shared to get stronger. Leaving them in the dark makes them wither. Publishing my ideas helps clarify my thinking. 🤔
For example, just after publishing yesterday, one of your fellow readers, Joe Acanfora, recommended a bank, Radius. They are the best rated online bank of 2020. While I don’t know that anyone “loves them,” it seems they are at a minimum the least shitty option. Without sharing the anecdote about shitty banks, this wouldn’t have come to light. Now, hundreds of people are seeing a quality bank recommendation from someone I dearly trust. 🤝
Amateurs practice till they get something right. Professionals practice till they can’t get it wrong. By publishing 100 stories in 100 days, I’m guaranteeing a significant improvement in skill. How much will it be, I don’t know. This boost in quality will be great for me, and for you, the reader. 🙇‍♀️
Clout brings the bitches out! I have heard that it takes 60 articles for one to go viral. By ramping my output, I’m effectively buying more lottery tickets. I’m confident that I have novel perspectives and ideas, and it’s only a matter of time before they proliferate. I genuinely believe that the world will be better after having consumed some of the things I produce.
It’s hard to know which ideas resonate with specific people, but by creating a body of work, it becomes easier for people to get a general idea of what I am about. What I’m going for is to be myself. The world needs people who feel alive. So, you have a duty to the world to do what makes you come alive. 🌍 What gets me off more than anything is experiencing transformative things and sharing them with other people. Now, I’m deliberately practicing that at a solid clip!
Different people have different ideas about who I am, and that is ok. One story may be more serious. One may be more funny, but they are both me. Trends will emerge over time, and I can double down on what works best.
Also, this is *just for fun* what a shocker! Yes, there are adults on this planet who do things for intrinsic enjoyment. If that has fallen by the wayside for you, I’m sorry. Luckily, you can start it back up 🙌 When is the last time you did something just for the hell of it? Doing things for this reason is one of the most nourishing things you can do for yourself.
Now, get off your butt and do it! Or at least schedule it in your calendar. 📆
Tomorrow we are diving into The Wisdom Of Owning Your Stupidity.
Thank you sincerely for reading along! 🤗
PS- I have a number of these stories tentatively mapped out, but the list isn’t full. If there’s a topic you’d like to have me cover, let me know, and I’ll do my best to wrestle with it! 🤼‍♀️

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