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Drew's Letter

December 1 · Issue #75 · View online

The latest things I've dug into including books, quotes, songs, gadgets and other things I've found interesting.

Bom dia! 🇧🇷
Happy Tuesday, and welcome to the 12th and final episode of 2020. If you’re reading this, congrats, you made it 🙌
The absence of planned obsolescence- if you’re unfamiliar, planned obsolescence is the idea of deliberately making things that are ephemeral, so customers have to buy them again later as a means of increasing revenues. Brazil seems to have fallen prey to this less than the USA based on my experience here. For one, houses are smaller, but sturdier and last longer.
Sugar is different here! A lot of the sugar we consume in the USA comes from corn, whereas here much of it comes from sugar cane. Caldo de cana (sugar broth) is a pure sugary drink I had that oddly tastes less sweet than Coca Cola, which I love dearly. This threw me for a loop, experiencing something purely made from sugar that is somehow less sugary than other things I’ve consumed for much of my life. 🍭
Can I get a desk? 🖥 Based on my experience and observations thus far, Brazil’s economy is less digital. I’ve been looking for a desk to setup a workspace and have visited quite a few furniture stores thus far with no luck. This leads me to believe that fewer people here use computers at home or have a dedicated office space for them. It’s not that I’ve been picky, the stores literally don’t have them, and they aren’t sold out due to COVID, either.
Talking to your soul? I’ve been trying to do this recently. I don’t know how, but have just been free forming it and have found it intriguing. In terms of neuroplasticity and its possible relationship with manifestation, my theory is like a saying in marketing- “top of mind leads to tip of tongue”. My best guess is that by consciously focusing our attention on something, we become hyper aware of opportunities to make that something, whatever it is, come to life. For me this often results in finding things that are hiding in plain sight, or using pre-existing things in novel ways.
This is a “woo woo” sounding topic, but I’ve noticed and come across many hyper rational, analytic types, that are closet manifesters and believers in the Law Of Attraction. If you are one of such types, give me a holler.

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