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Happy Tuesday, peeps! 🐣 Rejection Therapy- again, hormesis is a meta theme in this letter. Rejection

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July 28 · Issue #57 · View online
The latest things I've dug into including books, quotes, songs, gadgets and other things I've found interesting.

Happy Tuesday, peeps! 🐣
Rejection Therapy- again, hormesis is a meta theme in this letter. Rejection therapy is the practice of doing low-stakes things on your edge to strengthen your resolve. This can be especially helpful if you’re not used to asking for what you want. It allows you to get familiar with hearing no and recognize that the world won’t end. When the stakes are high and you really need something, you’ll be better prepared. You may be surprised at how many people don’t reject you. 👫
Pudding- not the food, but journalism! 🍨 “Visual essays are an emerging form of journalism. Some of the most complex, debated topics get lost in “too long; didn’t read” 10,000-word articles. Visual storytelling makes ideas more accessible—or so goes the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words.”” what I like about it- the pudding is not breaking news and thus the quality of content is less clickbaity. There’s no ads nor paywall. You’re welcome. 😉
TM or Transcendental Meditation- If you’re looking to get into meditation and prefer a rigorous approach or an accountability partner, TM is worth looking into. It costs more than an app, but the structure can be quite beneficial in helping you stick with it. Meeting with a teacher for live training sessions a few days in a row helps put oomph into your practice.
Quote I’ve Been Pondering- “You can fail at what you don’t want so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”- Jim Carrey from a speech at Maharishi University.
That’s all for this week, do something nice for yourself today :)
Be well,
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Roommates lampooning my meditation.
Roommates lampooning my meditation.
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